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1 What does the acronym in BASE jumping stand for?

2 Did the Boeing 737 jet make its maiden flight in the 1960s, ‘70s or ‘80s?

3 Does Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth and family live near Broken Head, Noosa Heads or Agnes Water?

4 Cobby Cobby Island is in which Australian state or territory?

5 Name the actor who plays mum Frankie Heck in the TV sitcom, The Middle.

6 Who developed the theory of relativity?

7 What name is given to New Zealand’s national rugby team?

8 Was Italian Guglielmo Marconi a pioneer of radio, aviation or astronomy?

9 Name the North Queensland Cowboys playmaker (pictured) who announced his retirement from the NRL due to injury last week. 10 Who wrote the novel, The Pickwick Papers? 11 Is Butters a character in The Simpsons, South Park or The Ren & Stimpy Show? 12 Mark Rutte is the Prime Minister of what country? 13 Labour Day in Queensland occurs on the first Monday of what month? 14 Which band recorded the 2007 album, Neon Bible?

15 Name the Governor of Queensland.

16 Name the actor who played Rogers in the 1979 Aussie film, The Odd Angry Shot. 17 Who was federal Treasurer in 2009? 18 Toby Greene plays for which AFL team? 19 Hercules Florence was a pioneer of photograph­y in what country.

20 Ascot is on Brisbane’s northside. True or false? 21 Lane Cove National Park is in Victoria. True or false?

22 Name Australia’s No.1 women’s tennis player. 23 Name the leading woman in the 1950 film, Tea for Two.

24 Le Centre Pompidou is in which French city? 25 Name the capital of New Zealand.

26 Tim Cook is the CEO of Microsoft. True or false?

27 Actor Wesley Snipes was born in England. True or false? 28 The Kai Ken dog breed originated in what country? 29 Name Queensland’s Attorney-General. 30 Neta-Lee Herschlag is better known as which actor (pictured)? 31 The Granny Smith apple was developed in what country? 32 Aussie Pauline Menczer won the world surfing title in what year? 33 Benjamin Kubelsky was better known as which US comedian?

34 What is the chemical symbol of aldebarani­um? 35 What is the main religion of India?

36 Lady Musgrave Island is in Queensland. True or false?

37 The Gayer-Anderson Museum is in which city? 38 Queensland­er Tim Horan represente­d Australia in what sport?

39 What is the currency unit of Israel?

40 Name the lead singer of Black Sabbath.

Osbourne. Ozzy 40 shekel. Israeli 39 union. Rugby 38 Cairo. 37 True. 36 Hinduism. 35 Ad. 34 Benny. Jack 33 1993. 32 Australia. 31 Portman. Natalie 30 Fentiman. Shannon 29 Japan. 28 US. False, 27 Apple. False, 26 Wellington. 25 Paris. 24 Day. Doris 23 Barty. Ash 22 NSW. False, 21 True. 20 Brazil. 19 Sydney. Western Greater 18 Swan. Wayne 17 Brown. Bryan 16 Jersey. de Paul 15 Fire. Arcade 14 May. 13 Netherland­s. 12 Park. South 11 Dickens. Charles 10 Morgan. Michael 9 Radio. 8 Blacks. All 7 Einstein. Albert 6 Heaton. Patricia 5 Qld. 4 Head. Broken 3 1960s. 2 earth. span, antenna, Building, 1

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