The Sunday Mail (Queensland)



Rob Schwarten’s comments (Letters, Apr 4) regarding Prime Minister Scott Morrison selling us a dud and finishing up with a jalopy rather than a Mercedes, concerning our economy and associated national requiremen­ts, appear rather skewed.

If Bill Shorten had won office things would have been much worse, so it’s thanks to Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who has resisted calls from Labor to keep spending like drunken fools.

Trust in Anthony Albanese will be sorely tested if he wins the next election, partly because the Left will have too much influence and his ability to confidentl­y control the economy is in grave danger as a result of him calling for more money to be handed out in light of COVID.

A steady hand as shown by Frydenberg is better than a scatter-gun approach which fires money in all directions hoping to hit the target but wasting valuable resources as a result.

Jim Stanfield, Boonah

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