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Ac­cord­ing to Span­ish re­searchers, wear­ing shoes with curved soles can re­duce the sever­ity of chronic lower back pain. These shoes make you less sta­ble, so more back mus­cles are ac­ti­vated while you walk, and the lum­bar area is strength­ened. As well as help­ing in­crease mus­cle strength and spine sta­bil­ity in the lower back, the shoes also im­prove the de­gree of cur­va­ture in the spine, which helps re­duce the amount of dis­abil­ity and pain that peo­ple ex­pe­ri­ence. New Aus­tralian re­search sug­gests that an ab­domino­plasty (tummy tuck) can im­prove back pain caused by child­birth. It found that when this pro­ce­dure in­volved the re­pair of mus­cles (such as that used to treat se­vere ab­dom­i­nal sep­a­ra­tion), women ex­pe­ri­enced a de­crease in pain and pain-re­lated dis­abil­ity in as lit­tle as six months. This is thought to be due to an in­crease in ab strength. The pro­ce­dure is a form of ma­jor surgery, so talk to your GP be­fore go­ing ahead. Re­searchers from the Ra­di­o­log­i­cal So­ci­ety of North Amer­ica have de­vel­oped a 10-minute pro­ce­dure for com­pressed or her­ni­ated discs. Doc­tors do a CT scan, then emit a dose of ra­diofre­quency en­ergy into the area to re­duce in­flam­ma­tion, re­lieve nerve pain and re­lax the mus­cles. Dur­ing a trial study, 80 per cent of pa­tients who re­ceived the treat­ment were still pain-free af­ter a year, and 90 per cent of pa­tients didn’t re­quire fur­ther surgery.

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