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What the stars have in store this week.

CAPRI­CORN (DEC 22–JAN 20) It’s that time of year… too much to do and too lit­tle time. No won­der you’re anx­ious. Yet aren’t Capri­corns meant to be able to cope with any­thing? The truth is if you re­ally need to be calm, you can be. The prob­lem is that you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing an over­re­ac­tion. When you change your ap­proach, you’ll re­alise that you can sort out any­thing you need to. This week can bring the suc­cess you de­serve into your life. Call 1900 957 223.

AQUAR­IUS (JAN 21–FEB 19) As I look at what’s hap­pen­ing in the sky I’m re­minded of the Steve Miller Band lyric, “Time keeps on slip­pin’, into the fu­ture.” As your ruler pre­pares to con­nect to Nep­tune, a vaguely re­mem­bered dream be­comes re­al­ity. Some­thing you only dared to imag­ine is be­gin­ning to come true. De­spite chal­lenges, you can “fly like an ea­gle” if you stay fo­cused on what’s in your heart. Ex­cit­ing news is in store for you. Call 1900 957 223.

PISCES (FEB 20–MAR 20) Al­though there’s a lot to cope with and much change afoot, one thing is cer­tain: your tra­di­tional ruler Jupiter (in its new home) is bring­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties. As Nep­tune pre­pares to link to Uranus (the planet of un­ex­pected sur­prises), watch out for mo­ments of reck­less­ness. You’ll ben­e­fit from go­ing with the flow of the tide rather than cre­at­ing any big waves of change. There are rev­e­la­tions in store for you now. Call 1900 957 223.

ARIES (MAR 21–APR 20) You’re start­ing to feel like you’ve lost in­ter­est in a project you’ve been fo­cused on for some time now. The en­ergy and com­mit­ment you felt seem to have dis­si­pated. Even though you might feel as if some­thing’s coming to an end, this is just one of life’s nat­u­ral ebbs and flows. As Mer­cury moves di­rect in the

(NOV 23–DEC 21)

Quick! Look up. Is it a bird… or a plane? No! It’s Su­per­sag… faster than the speed of light, able to leap tall build­ings in a sin­gle bound. Hmm, could it be that I’m ex­ag­ger­at­ing a bit? Am I pro­ject­ing an ex­traor­di­nary abil­ity onto an or­di­nary per­son? Def­i­nitely not. With Mer­cury join­ing your ruler and the sun in your sign, watch out for new op­por­tu­ni­ties form­ing a queue at your doorstep. There is great news in store for you be­tween now and Christ­mas. Call 1900 957 223.

sky, it brings new be­gin­nings. You are about to de­velop a much more ef­fec­tive plan. The plan­ets say that won­der­ful changes are pos­si­ble. Call 1900 957 223.

TAURUS (APR 21–MAY 21) Ac­cord­ing to an­cient myths, Pan­dora was de­lighted when she was given the box. Even though she knew she was for­bid­den to open it, her cu­rios­ity got the bet­ter of her. It was easy to un­lock af­ter all. That’s when all of the evils and trou­bles were re­leased into the world. This week, think care­fully be­fore be­ing tempted to do some­thing just be­cause it’s easy. There’s a bet­ter op­tion. Call if you need some in­spi­ra­tion: 1900 957 223.

GEM­INI (MAY 22–JUN 22) The task that lies be­fore you may look so vast you’re tempted to give up, but now your ruler is mov­ing for­ward in the sky it’s time to roll up your sleeves. There’s work to be done and you have the ex­per­tise to do it. Just be­neath the sur­face of doubt lies a bright spark of hope. You might need to give your­self a good talk­ing to, but if you suc­ceed in mus­ter­ing the en­ergy you’ll make great progress this week. Call 1900 957 223.

CAN­CER (JUN 23–JUL 23) For some time, you’ve been hop­ing to bring about mean­ing­ful change in your life. You’ve come close to it, but just like try­ing to find soap in the bath, some­thing vi­tal keeps slip­ping through your fin­gers. Clar­ity is now on its way. You’ll soon be able to see the ef­fec­tive­ness of the prepa­ra­tions you’ve made – and the re­wards will be worth it. You can work magic in your world this week. Find out how. Call 1900 957 223.

LEO (JUL 24–AUG 23) Wouldn’t ev­ery­thing be won­der­ful if only… Stop! Com­plet­ing that sen­tence will only make you feel more frus­trated.

You have a list as long as your arm of things that would be won­der­ful to have in your life. Yet when you take a closer look at it, only a few of those items are es­sen­tial. These are the things you need to be fo­cus­ing on this week. You’ll only be able to add a cherry to a cake that’s al­ready been baked. Find in­spi­ra­tion and make change hap­pen. Call 1900 957 223.

VIRGO (AUG 24–SEP 23) Re­mem­ber the mon­ster who lived in the cracks on the foot­path? It was wait­ing to jump out if you ac­ci­den­tally stepped on one of the lines. No mat­ter how much you tried to avoid them, you’d slip and then… what? Were you ever stricken down? In a sim­i­lar way, we of­ten try to ap­pease peo­ple who are dif­fi­cult to please. But it’s time to honour your own needs. You can al­ter what you want now. Call 1900 957 223.

LIBRA (SEP 24–OCT 23) Al­though get­ting along with a cer­tain in­di­vid­ual hasn’t al­ways been easy, im­prove­ment is on the way. As Mer­cury moves for­ward it brings po­ten­tial to sort out a com­pli­cated mat­ter which has put a re­la­tion­ship un­der strain. Where pro­ce­dures have been chal­leng­ing, you can ex­pect to see gen­tle progress. If you’ve been wor­ry­ing about the fu­ture of an en­ter­prise, the main rea­son for your con­cern is about to dis­si­pate. Great news awaits you now. Call 1900 957 223.

SCORPIO (OCT 24–NOV 22) Ad­vice is most ef­fec­tive when it is kept sim­ple. You feel like you’re fac­ing an ob­sta­cle which is im­ped­ing your progress and leav­ing you with no room to ma­noeu­vre. Yet, sup­pose it is there for a rea­son? You’re now be­ing pre­vented from mak­ing any wrong moves. But if you fol­low your in­tu­ition, you’ll have the space to do what you need to do. There is ex­cite­ment in the stars for you this week. Call 1900 957 223.

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