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Stephen Curry is used to play­ing the funny man – but not the bloke who gets the girl.

So when it came to his lat­est role as Herb Ire­land in new ABC drama The Time Of Our Lives, it was lucky he has an un­der­stand­ing wife.

“I don’t usu­ally get roles where I get to have lots of sex with girls. And so it was in­ter­est­ing, my wife is very ma­ture about th­ese kind of things and took it very well,” says Curry.

“I usu­ally get cast as the doo­fus. And the thing about doo­fus … or doofi … is they don’t tend to get too many ladies. They tend to chase the ladies un­suc­cess­fully.”

As the salt-of-the-earth Ire­land in The Time Of Our Lives, Curry plays a ladies man who uses his busi­ness ven­ture of a com­edy club and bar to help his pick-up prow­ess with women.

Curry says his wife was even OK with him tak­ing off his wed­ding ring as he headed off to work. “There are not many peo­ple who could get away with that,” he says.

The re­al­ist in Curry ad­mits his looks have never re­ally made him a mag­net for women. He at­tributes his al­ter ego Ire­land’s suc­cess to what he terms the “mardi gras cow­boy look” – “Maybe it’s the beard or the scarf. I am not sure how that would do with the ladies for me, but it seems to work for him,” he says. “I have a very skinny leg any­way, and my wife says I am not al­lowed to wear skinny-leg jeans as they em­pha­sise the chicken look. Maybe you would call his style ‘Herbesque’. He could be a mandy – a 21st-cen­tury ver­sion of a dandy – a man with a girl’s name. But he is a lit­tle bit un­kempt above the neck line. I’m not quite sure. I think he is just try­ing to make his own fash­ion state­ment.”

The Time Of Our Lives fo­cuses on the Tivolli fam­ily and the tri­als and tribu­la­tions they face in their ev­ery­day re­la­tion­ships.

Curry’s char­ac­ter is the “adop­tive” son of Ray ( Tony Barry) and Rosa ( Sue Jones), who helped to fill the par­ent­ing gap left by Ire­land’s al­co­holic mother.

The drama boasts a for­mi­da­ble cast that in­cludes Clau­dia Kar­van as Caro­line, who is mar­ried to Matt Tivolli ( Wil­liam McInnes). Shane Ja­cob­son plays the other Tivolli brother, Luce, whose part­ner Ber­nadette is played by Jus­tine Clarke. Michelle Ver­gara Moore makes her de­but as Chai Li, adopted from Viet­nam by Ray and Rosa.

Curry says Herb has a “bit of a Peter Pan com­plex”. And it is the com­plex­ity of the char­ac­ters that drew him to The Time Of Our Lives. “It does deal with the re­al­ity of re­la­tion­ships. Nu­mer­ous peo­ple have is­sues – Luce and Ber­nadette, and Caro­line and Matt. Ev­ery­one as­pires to the re­la­tion­ship of Ray and Rosa.”

Curry says de­spite over­laps in the ac­tors’ ca­reers – many of them ap­peared in The Se­cret Life Of Us – he has only worked with McInnes be­fore, and jests that he bonded with Clarke over her role in kids’ se­ries Pro­fes­sor Poop­sna­gle’s Steam Zep­pelin.

“I be­came ob­sessed by the fact she had been in the show and its theme song. I wanted her to sing it,” he says.

“Any read­ers in their late 30s or early 40s may re­mem­ber the theme song. Jus­tine, God love her, was happy to sing it with me a cou­ple of times, but I think she got a bit sick of it – I kept ask­ing her to sing ‘boom boom chuffa chuffa’.

“You can imag­ine me ask­ing a girl who has done the kind of uber work and act­ing roles that she has done to do that. But I think she took my ob­ses­sion very well.”

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