I thought: She’s so ob­nox­ious, she’s such a lit­tle princess, ev­ery­one will hate her

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“I’D never been to the Logies be­fore this year and to be nom­i­nated on top of that (Earl was a new talent nom­i­nee) was just such a thrill, es­pe­cially when I talked to my US agent and they were like “Abby, oh my god, it’s a Lo­gie, it’s your Academy Awards”.

My mum was just like, ‘Abs, just don’t do any­thing that will go vi­ral. Keep your dress up and don’t drink too much’.

My whole fam­ily know I’m a bit of a klutz so my sis­ters were say­ing, ‘Take your time on the car­pet, hold (co-star) Aldo’s hand if you need him’.

A lot of people thought I’d be the Jennifer Lawrence of the Logies so it’s just a re­lief I made it through, re­ally.

As I was craft­ing Anna, I thought: ‘She’s so ob­nox­ious, she’s such a lit­tle princess, ev­ery­one will hate her’. But they didn’t so I feel good about that. I mean, she’s so cheeky to Noni Hazel­hurst (above left), I thought people would egg my house.

In sec­ond sea­son, I re­ally give her (Noni) hell. It gets pretty dark be­tween us and there were a cou­ple of scenes where af­ter­wards Noni and I would just hug be­cause in real life we’re the dear­est friends and I’m ac­tu­ally the age of her sons. We’d just hug and I’d say, ‘Sorry, I hate talk­ing to you like that’ be­cause Anna gets pretty mad at her.

That was hard. Who could be mad at Noni Hazel­hurst? You couldn’t ask for bet­ter men­tors than Noni and Marta (Dus­sel­dorp) and Jenni (Baird). On and off the screen, they have lived up to that.

There are lots of prom­ises made in this in­dus­try, but I seem to have been blessed.

Ev­ery­one I seem to en­counter ... I mean, I try to put up good en­ergy and keep it real and most people seem to re­spond to that.

Most of the time women give us women a re­ally hard time, but there are women out there who are try­ing to change that.

We do re­ally need to stick to­gether and I’ve been shown such kind­ness in this in­dus­try, on this se­ries. I feel pretty damn lucky.’’

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