The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - TV Guide - - Puzzles - Show host turned pre­sen­ter (4,9) Se­in­feld’s neigh­bour played by Michael Richards Re­al­ity show (––––––– 10 (Trevor –––) 12 Aussie star of (Si­mon –––––) 13 Aussie se­ries made from a hit book and movie (––––––– star 16 Marta Dus­sel­dorp starred in 17 Celebrit

Let­ters A to Z have a num­ber value. Some are shown in the right hand cells. Cre­ate re­main­ing val­ues us­ing clues in cen­tre cells.

1To­day Project

89with­theKar­dashi­ans) Wak­ingth­eDead Blues)

TheMen­tal­ist APlace­toCall–––– Up WhoDoYouTh­inkYou

–––?) Seen with Stimpy Played Jenny Lee in Callthe Mid­wife (––––––– Raine) Pop singer who got her start in Neigh­bours (––––– Minogue) Po­lit­i­cal com­edy (––– Min­is­ter) Black­Books Betty) Top––––) Han­nahMon­tana Weapon)






6Job­foraLady) The The Bev­er­lyHills, Road StarTrek:The Nex­tGen­er­a­tion Court) How­toGetAway­with Mur­der


The–––– Housewives­ofMel­bourne) Dick Van Dyke was a medico who solved crimes in this (––––––––– Mur­der) Ted Dan­son com­edy This Aussie singer had a hit with the se­ries Al­lTo­geth­erNow (Jon –––––––) About the ad­ven­tures of Ther­mo­man (–– Hero) Played Joanie in Hap­pyDays Mo­ran) Danny John-Jules played this Red Dwarf crew mem­ber Played Golden Girl Blanche (––– McClana­han) Richard Grif­fiths was a cook and cop in this (––– intheSky) UK crime show ( The–––Mayo Mys­ter­ies)

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