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The words be­low can all be found in the puz­zle. They may be spelled hor­i­zon­tally, ver­ti­cally, back­wards, for­wards or di­ag­o­nally. Be care­ful, some let­ters are used more than once. When you find a word, cir­cle each let­ter. When all the words in the list have been found, the let­ters left over will spell the so­lu­tion. WARMTHSOCKSAE I LWOA YMGSKDSR NE Z I PSERC LNSS D LDSGE L I I I SKE YSSEOS LMRN I TS LSPPE FHEA T TRH AEB I RP TEESE TM W I RONA J EEGE I D N A Y OWS Y ZNTNBR BASKE TEAUES I A HFARYEHHDORR I UO I RRAC L FO LDN SWT B AMBOO I FSE

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