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Went­worth. (MA15+) Ballers. (Mls) Orange Is The New Black. (MA15+, CC) Sex And The City. (MA15+ls, CC) The Af­fair. (MA15+, CC) Sharp Ob­jects. (MA15+, CC) Went­worth. (MA15+, CC) Riz­zoli & Isles. (MA15+) A Place To Call Home. (asv, CC) Went­worth. (MA15+, CC) The Cross­ing. (MA15+, CC) A Place To Call Home. (asv, CC) VICE. (MA15+) Bored To Death. (Mdls)

The Deuce. (MA15+nsv) Per­son Of In­ter­est. (Mav) Riz­zoli & Isles. (MA15+) Went­worth. (MA15+) In­side Game Of Thrones. (PG) Get­ting On. (Msl) Board­walk Em­pire. (MA15+sv)

Auction Hun­ters. (PG) Treehouse Masters. (PG, CC) MythBuster­s. (PG, CC) Aussie Gold Hun­ters. (PG, CC) Ber­ing Sea Gold. (PG, CC) Cooper’s Trea­sure. (PG, CC) Dead­li­est Catch. (PG, CC) Mighty Cruise Ships. (PG, CC) Blow­ing Up His­tory. (PG, CC) Aussie Gold Hun­ters. (PG, CC) An­thony Bour­dain: Parts Un­known. (Ma) Tribe Alive! (PG)

Naked And Afraid XL. (M) Dead­li­est Catch. (PG, CC) Treehouse Masters. (PG, CC) Auction Hun­ters. (PG) Naked And Afraid. (Mal, CC) MythBuster­s. (PG, CC)

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