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Wel­come to a puz­zle fit­ness work­out aimed at im­prov­ing your brain power. Boost your men­tal agility with a ses­sion ev­ery day in the Men­tal Gym. Record the time you take to com­plete each puz­zle and you can keep track of your ever-in­creas­ing men­tal strength.

Men­tal Maths

With­out us­ing a cal­cu­la­tor or writ­ing any­thing down, carry this sum to the fi­nal to­tal. Add the num­ber of squares on a chess­board to the num­ber of white pawns on one. Di­vide the re­sult by the num­ber of weeks in 63 days. Mul­ti­ply that by the num­ber of quar­ters in two dol­lars.

In the Area

To make this ele­phant de­sign you will re­quire a square me­tre of tiles. Each of the in­di­vid­ual tiles mea­sures 20 × 20cm, or 400cm2, and you’ll have to cut some tiles to make it work. Can you work out the area of blue tiles you will need?

Add Up

If the num­ber in each cir­cle is the sum of the two be­low it, what is the top num­ber?

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