Peo­ple don’t re­alise how hard it can be and how de­mor­al­is­ing it can be com­pet­ing on the show

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“There will def­i­nitely be nerves. I’d be fool­ish to say other­wise. But I’m glad I’m on the host­ing side and not the danc­ing side.

“For­tu­nately, I’ve known Grant a long time and been a con­tes­tant on and he filled in for Barry Du Bois for a cou­ple of weeks on

“He is very in­ter­est­ing to work along­side. He is al­ways think­ing. He is charm­ing and lov­able and spon­ta­neous but the brain is whirring and he is some­one I can trust im­plic­itly.”

Keller and Denyer know there will be tears and see part of their job as camp coun­sel­lors, if you will.

“Amanda has a ten­der touch when it is needed and I think there will be times when we’ll have to pick up a dancer or two and dust them off and go again,” Denyer says.

“I think it has been away for the right amount of time. It is go­ing to be done at a level it has never been done be­fore. It is go­ing to be next level in ev­ery sin­gle way.”

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