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IN LATE 2017, Hap­pyDeathDay ap­peared with lit­tle ad­vance pro­mo­tion and a no-name cast. What this scrappy, low-bud­get thriller did have go­ing for it was the one bright idea that ul­ti­mately made it a hit – fus­ing the same-day-overand-over sto­ry­telling of Ground­hogDay with the sense­less-deaths-over-an­dover blood­let­ting of a slasher flick. The mak­ers of Hap­pyDeathDay got the mix ex­actly right. The movie was funny, not too grue­some, and well aware of both its own silli­ness and lim­i­ta­tions. The same win­ning qual­i­ties are once again to the fore in the oblig­a­tory se­quel Happy DeathDay2U. Which is just as well, be­cause the new story in play lacks the fresh­ness of its pre­de­ces­sor. As be­fore, the su­per-sar­cas­tic heroine Tree (Jes­sica Rothe, pic­tured with Is­rael Brous­sard) is liv­ing the same wretched Mon­day re­peat­edly. The same baby-masked se­rial killer is on the loose; how­ever this time, it is no spoiler to re­veal some­one dif­fer­ent is bran­dish­ing a knife and bru­tal­is­ing stu­dents all over cam­pus. The new rea­son for the car­toon­ish car­nage has more to do with Backto the­Fu­ture than Ground­hogDay, due to a lab project that messes with the laws of time and physics. Ac­cord­ing to a mer­ci­fully quick ex­pla­na­tion early on, a geeky kid has punched a hole in the uni­verse large enough for any num­ber of evil time loops to play havoc with re­al­ity. And, umm, mor­tal­ity. What­ever. Who watches movies like this for a sci­ence les­son any­way?

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