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bound in a plas­ter cast re­sem­bling a mer­maid’s tail.

Essie Davis re­calls feel­ing sorry for her frozen co- star. While she and her fel­low nuns could con­ceal ther­mals and foot-warm­ers un­der their woolly robes, Reid had no such lux­ury, other than a steady sup­ply of hot wa­ter bot­tles and blan­kets be­tween takes.

“It was a bit tough be­cause ob­vi­ously I didn’t have that much cloth­ing on for the ma­jor­ity of the shoot and it was re­ally cold,” he says, with great un­der­state­ment. “So they had to keep tak­ing my tem­per­a­ture ev­ery half an hour to make sure I wasn’t go­ing into hy­pother­mia.”

Sim­i­larly, he knew what in­dig­ni­ties and un­pleas­ant­ness his char­ac­ter could ex­pect suf­fer on screen. “When I read the script I knew that all of that stuff was com­ing – the tor­ture and the im­pris­on­ment and what it en­tailed phys­i­cally,” he says. “I was won­der­ing what it was go­ing to be like shoot­ing for a month and a half strapped into a plas­ter cast where I couldn’t get out with­out a team of dressers help­ing me. So it was frus­trat­ing and dif­fi­cult, but it only helped serve the char­ac­ter and serve the story.”

Once he had landed the part of Ig­natius, Reid be­gan re­search­ing Catholi­cism to bet­ter un­der­stand his char­ac­ter.

“I did start go­ing to Mass just to kind of get the hang of the show­man­ship of the way they do it,” he says. “It’s very the­atri­cal, so I looked a lot into that.”

He also thinks the re­cent ruc­tions that have put the Catholic Church into the spot­light for all the wrong rea­sons – the litany of abuse cases and the con­vic­tion of Car­di­nal Ge­orge Pell – will give an added poignancy to a story about stand­ing up to pow­er­ful fig­ures within the faith.

“Car­di­nal Pell hadn’t hap­pened when we were shoot­ing,” he says of the Aus­tralian cleric’s con­vic­tion for child sex­ual as­sault, cur­rently un­der ap­peal.

Reid, 32, has been liv­ing in Lon­don and Los An­ge­les for most of the past decade and has been itch­ing to get back home to be closer to his fam­ily and to sup­port the in­dus­try that gave him his start. The fact that

was shoot­ing around Aus­tralia – in Syd­ney and Tas­ma­nia as well as the Blue Moun­tains – was an added bonus. He also spent time here fi lm­ing the Stan mys­tery se­ries and the up­com­ing SBS drama in which he stars along­side Asher Ked­die as teach­ers who be­come em­broiled in a sex­ting scan­dal.

“I have lived over­seas since I was in my early 20s and I was al­ways try­ing to get home but it hadn’t been work­ing out that way,” he says.

“Com­ing home and work­ing at home, it re­ally gives one a sense of iden­tity and I am re­ally proud to be a part of the in­dus­try and the in­cred­i­ble work that is hap­pen­ing here.”

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