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Truth is to a high de­gree about it (6)

Strangely not ever a way to make some­thing look like new (8)

Con­cerned with the type in a hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion (6)

Shoes for furtive call­ers (8)

See it re­turn in the strangest way (7)

Courts hold­ing a right to prop­erty for cus­tomers (7)

Singers show­ing the right to en­ter prop­erty (7)

Nui­sance en­coun­tered re­turn­ing first in the bad weather (7)

Fixed weekly pay­ments made for small Euro­pean ho­tels (8)

Price paid for a sud­den at­tack (6) Regis­ter need for change to have paid at­ten­tion (8)

Al­ter­na­tive to trade can be a try­ing ex­pe­ri­ence (6)

Quite a thin tilt (4) Co­a­lesce in­side again for com­fort (6)

Head­wear go­ing with the last sleeve­less shoulder gar­ment (4) Suc­ces­sion of met­ri­cal feet in a cover se­quence (5) Ox­i­da­tion I see is from the coun­try (6)

They of­ten run to seed start­ing le­gal wrongs (5)

Cheats can be seen with a small carry bag (6)

A de­lay for some tem­po­rary re­lief (7)

Has faith in fam­ily prop­erty ar­range­ments (6)

Spears thrown seen to be very thin on the ground (6)

Treat in dread los­ing odd pieces when at­tacked (6)

There is change some­where in the heav­ens (5)

Pro­duce the form of words in let­ters for the rest (5)

Son has re­turned hard for a com­mon snack (4)

A fel­low al­ways recog­nised at Christ­mas (4)

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