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Hi Scott,

I am a sin­gle mum of three. I earn $86,000 a year, pay $624.10 per fort­night in child sup­port (my hubby doesn’t work as he is a stayat-home dad to our teenage kids), and owe $275,000 on the mort­gage. I am a teacher and tithe 10 per cent of my salary each fort­night to the church (non­nego­tiable com­mit­ment). But I just can­not fill my buck­ets — what would you sug­gest?

Hi Jan­ice,

When you fac­tor in your non- ne­go­tiables — child sup­port, mort­gage re­pay­ments and the tithe — you’re al­ready com­ing close to spend­ing 60 per cent of your take-home pay! And that’s be­fore you pay the other non­nego­tiables, like elec­tric­ity, food, fuel, coun­cil rates and toi­let paper.

If I were in your sit­u­a­tion, I’d seek guid­ance from your pas­tor. If you’re a teacher, maybe you can pay your tithe by work­ing for the church? Or per­haps you can do some tu­tor­ing? Ei­ther way you need to in­crease your in­come ( or de­crease your out­go­ings) un­til your teenage kids are off your hands.

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