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HE­LEN: Very amus­ing as they are try­ing to find a “real man” when they them­selves are not real (Claire Har­vey: “Filler the killer in lip-sync lament”, 25/2).

MARG: Do blokes re­ally like the big lips and big boobs know­ing they are fakes? Surely they know they are be­ing fooled. Still I guess that if they rely on tat­toos to re­lay a mes­sage then any­thing is pos­si­ble.

RUS­SELL: Turn­bull has alien­ated the party’s con­ser­va­tive base but he’s man­aged to whip his Cab­i­net into line, even Dut­ton (Peta Credlin: “Coali­tion’s worst week ... so far”, 25/2). I guess we can only hope Barn­aby and Tony can launch a rear­guard ac­tion. Maybe they should give Cory a call.

EDITH: In the 1950s and ’60s fam­ily groups of mi­grants would buy a house to­gether and then save up enough money to buy another and re­peat this un­til each fam­ily had a home (“The cou­ple who asked strangers to share a mort­gage”, 25/2). I think they stayed with their own eth­nic­ity and they all worked hard, much more than peo­ple do to­day.

AM: Well done, state and fed­eral gov­ern­ments, you have done noth­ing to fix the hous­ing af­ford­abil­ity cri­sis. I was lucky enough to buy an in­ner city semi 16 years ago for $450,000. I feel sorry for those who have missed their chance be­cause of for­eign­ers and mum and dad in­vestors who own mul­ti­ple prop­er­ties.

TERRY: So our schools are funded more than in any other coun­try and re­sults are still poor (“Aussies lead world for time with kids”, 25/2). Time to get those loony left­ies out of the sys­tem and re­place them with com­mon sense and good old tra­di­tional val­ues.

MICHELE: Ed­u­ca­tion re­sults have been on a down­ward trend or a while. Dis­ci­pline in the class­room is lack­ing. Imag­ine if par­ents had 30-40 min­utes to teach 25-35 kids of dif­fer­ing abil­i­ties, maths or English. They would not cope but ex­pect teach­ers to be able to teach.

PI­ETER: Can’t read. Can’t count. Can’t write. Confused about gen­der but world-class in bul­ly­ing oth­ers. Good lit­tle cul­tural Marx­ists thanks to our ed­u­ca­tion (or is that reed­u­ca­tion?) de­part­ments.

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