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The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - - FUNDAY TELEGRAPH - BY GEORGIA HING

Max is neat, or­gan­ised and whip smart. He also loves puzzles and crack­ing codes. Read about his spy-tas­tic ad­ven­tures along with his twin sis­ter Kensy in the new se­ries ‘Kensy And Max: Break­ing News’ by Jac­que­line Har­vey.


Birth­day: Oc­to­ber 17 Nick­name: Max Star Sign: Li­bra Born: Switzer­land All over the world Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Sandy blonde Height: Tall for my age

Sib­lings: Twin sis­ter, Kensy


Hob­bies: Chess, code break­ing, read­ing and ski­ing Food: Home­made spaghetti bolog­naise with gar­lic bread Mu­sic: Pretty much any­thing Movies: James Bond, Ja­son Bourne and De­spi­ca­ble Me Books: Percy Jack­son, The Hardy Boys and Alice-Miranda

TV Shows: Dr Who, The Mun­sters Sports: Foot­ball, Rugby, Surf­ing and Ski­ing Hol­i­day: Any­where I can ski or surf


What spe­cial skills do you have?

I’m pretty ob­ser­vant and I have a good mem­ory — those two things are re­ally im­por­tant and I’ve re­cently found out that I’m a lot fit­ter and more ag­ile than I thought.

You’re awe­some at read­ing maps. When did you re­alise you had such a cool skill?

I was about four. We were trav­el­ling in Amer­ica and I asked Mum if I could have a look at the map. I handed the map back and I could tell them ev­ery town that was com­ing up and how far away it was. They were all pretty sur­prised and I think I was too.

What’s the most in­ter­est­ing crime you’ve solved with your twin sis­ter Kensy?

I can’t give that one away — you’ll have to read the book to find out but let’s just say it was sur­pris­ing and although my sis­ter frequently jumps to crazy con­clu­sions this time her in­stincts were spot on.

What’s some­thing you’re good at and Kensy isn’t and vice versa?

That’s easy. Map read­ing. Kensy is OK but she can’t re­mem­ber things the same way I can. She loves pulling ma­chines apart but I’m not as keen to do that.

De­scribe your twin Kensy in five words.

Smart, messy, im­pul­sive, kind, com­pet­i­tive

What are your favourite sub­jects at school and why?

I’m a bit of an all-rounder. There isn’t much I don’t like about school but I sup­pose maths would be my favourite sub­ject although English and PE come a close sec­ond.

If you had to pick a spy cos­tume for un­der­cover work, what would it be?

You can’t go past a tuxedo but only if you’re at a re­ally classy event. But it’s not very prac­ti­cal for day-to-day wear so I’d prob­a­bly go for jeans and a jumper with an over­coat to hide things I might need — the same sort of clothes lots of peo­ple wear so I can blend into the crowd.

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