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5 Feel the dark print­ing It is pro­duced with a spe­cial raised ink that can be felt with your fin­ger.

6 Check the print qual­ity The back­ground print­ing should be sharp. Check for ir­reg­u­lar­i­ties such as less clearly de­fined pat­terns, thicker or thin­ner lines, or colour dif­fer­ences.

7 Look for the mi­cro­print­ing Un­der a mag­ni­fy­ing glass you will see tiny, clearly de­fined words on the top left cor­ner of the $ 5 ban­knote and near the por­traits on the other ban­knotes.

8 Look at the ban­knote un­der UV light Most of the ban­knote note should not flu­o­resce.

The ex­cep­tions are the se­rial num­bers, a patch on the $ 5 ban­knote and a patch on the $20, $ 50 and $1100 $100 ban­knotes that at also shows the value.

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