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DE­NIS: Now we have the dis­crim­i­na­tory “fe­male veter­ans” as op­posed to “male veter­ans” (“Women lead the shake-up at An­zac”, 15/4). Where is the equal­ity in that? Aren’t they all just veter­ans?

LES­LIE: Di­vided we stand.

VALERIE: Good on Fox for not sink­ing the boot in when some­one is down (“Skip­per’s call-up”, 15/4). Very Aus­tralian. It is dif­fer­ent when some sports­peo­ple are se­rial of­fend­ers and they need to go. But one mis­take should not ruin some­one’s life.

GARY: Michael Clarke is ac­tu­ally one of the best anal­y­sers of the game. I’d rather have him in than Steve Smith.

JM: Mark Latham is a sad, pa­thetic, des­per­ate in­di­vid­ual who needs at­ten­tion like oth­ers need oxy­gen (Claire Har­vey: “Racism a new law for Latham”, 15/4). Best to ig­nore him.

BETTE: Rude maybe, not racist. Mark Latham would have done the same to a white guy. It’s an ob­vi­ous play on words.

PAULINE: As far as I’m aware, there’s only one race worth win­ning and that’s on the first Tues­day in Novem­ber (“Winx makes it 25 straight wins”, 15/4). His­tory shows only Mel­bourne Cup win­ners are re­mem­bered.

ASH: To put any doubters to bed, Winx has to run in a big race over­seas and be an Aus­tralian in­vader.

RON: Why should gift cards have a ex­piry date (“PM’s gift card to shop­pers”, 15/4)? You give good money for a piece of plas­tic. The re­tailer has the cash in the bank earn­ing in­ter­est.

BRIAN: Ex­piry date was ever only day­light rob­bery. I have no idea how it could have ever been le­gal.

KAY: Let’s get one thing straight, Malcolm Turn­bull did not win the last elec­tion, the Na­tional Party won it for him (Piers Akerman: “Trio of poli­cies could save Turn­bull’s skin”, 15/4). Mr Turn­bull is not ca­pa­ble of win­ning the next elec­tion. He ap­pears to be de­lib­er­ately hand­ing the govern­ment over to La­bor.

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