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Re­cently you quoted re­search show­ing that lottery win­ners can end up no hap­pier three years af­ter their win. I just want to say that it is not al­ways like that. Four­teen years ago, my par­ents (aged 70 at the time) won $10.55 mil­lion in a lottery. They paid off their farm (which was about to be fore­closed on by the bank), paid off their five children’s mort­gages ($300,000 each), gave $45,000 to each to their 14 grand­chil­dren, and spent the re­main­der on child­care free­holds. Fast for­ward 14 years and the only sad thing is that Dad passed away two years ago — af­ter a bril­liant 70 years and an even more bril­liant fi­nal 12 years af­ter the lottery win. My brother now runs the farm, and the rest of us still reap the re­wards of the child­care free­holds. We are all as happy as can be!


Hi Mar­cie,

As the lotto ad says, “Wouldn’t it be nice?” I’m afraid the over­whelm­ing ma­jor­ity of peo­ple who gam­ble are losers (even the win­ners). I’ve al­ways agreed with writer Am­brose Bierce, who said that the lottery is a “tax on peo­ple who are bad at math”. Still, hats off to your par­ents. They beat the odds twice: they won the lotto, and they didn’t screw up their lives!

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