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JOE: Barn­aby wanted the sanc­tity of mar­riage and the pri­vate life kept pri­vate. Yep, looks like he prac­tises what he doesn’t preach.

JU­LIAN: Politi­cians reg­u­larly sell their “mem­oirs” for profit via book deals. Noth­ing wrong with Barn­aby do­ing the same for a TV in­ter­view.

STEVE: His quick re­ver­sal from his ear­lier pri­vacy breach com­plaint re­flects the typ­i­cal politi­cian’s hypocrisy when big bucks are in­volved.

PETER: Cather­ine, Duchess of Cam­bridge, is such a great role model to fam­i­lies the world over. In this age of fast di­min­ish­ing val­ues, I ap­plaud her and hold her in the high­est re­gard (Kerry Par­nell: “Mums in awe of royal wed­ding’s unsung hero”, 27/5).

MARIE: What a lovely ar­ti­cle from Kerry Par­nell. I agree with every word. Kate looked beau­ti­ful in every way and did a won­der­ful job of shep­herd­ing George and Char­lotte.

CATHER­INE: I’m not a monar­chist, but I did think it was rude and self­ish of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to get mar­ried so soon af­ter that baby was born, know­ing what it would mean for Cather­ine. Prince Wil­liam, as pres­i­dent of the Foot­ball As­so­ci­a­tion, was also forced to miss pre­sent­ing the tro­phy at the FA Cup fi­nal. Surely, the wed­ding could have waited.

WENDY: Thank you for a great ar­ti­cle. Cather­ine is the star of the sup­pos­edly royal fam­ily. I was sur­prised how the me­dia largely ig­nored her.

FRANK: Re Peta Credlin’s ar­ti­cle, I wish Aus­tralia would look across the Tas­man and learn from New Zealand. They only have two lev­els of gov­ern­ment and as a re­sult don’t have stamp duty, land tax or pay­roll tax. NZ also doesn’t means test their aged pen­sion. Ev­ery­body gets a pen­sion, re­gard­less of wealth, but it’s taxed.

RICHARD: Re Mi­randa Devine and union su­per, I rent and man­age to save up to $7000 a year from the full aged pen­sion. Can’t get bet­ter than that. I have no big re­tire­ment funds. It’s rich peo­ple who are the prob­lem. It is all summed up in th­ese words: “The rich rule over the poor and the bor­rower is a ser­vant to the lender.” It’s all “rigged” by the rich.

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