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As Peta Credlin rightly pointed out, we need more in­sti­tu­tions like the Aus­tralian Na­tional Univer­sity’s Ram­say Cen­tre, which demon­strates a will­ing­ness to stand up for the em­i­nence of West­ern cul­ture, and not bow be­fore the vac­u­ous al­tar of cul­tural rel­a­tivism (“End of civil­i­sa­tion as we know it? No way”, 27/5).

In my mind, noth­ing more clearly demon­strates the ig­no­rance, ar­ro­gance and in­dif­fer­ence of the mod­ern sneer­ing elites to­wards the re­mark­able achieve­ment of Aus­tralian his­tory, than a typ­i­cal lefty re­sponse to the gov­ern­ment’s de­ci­sion to rightly spend $40 mil­lion on the re­de­vel­op­ment of an ed­u­ca­tional memo­rial to Cap­tain Cook: “Yes, $40 mil­lion to re­mem­ber the man who dis­cov­ered some­thing that was al­ready there.”

It is hard to know where to start in re­gards to a thought­ful re­ply to such ne­science. The sim­ple fact is that not all so­ci­eties are equal. Some are built on the en­vi­able ideals of free­dom, lib­erty, re­spect and benev­o­lence; oth­ers are built on creeds of sub­ju­ga­tion, sus­pi­cion and re­pres­sion.

Over time, the lat­ter will al­ways fall into wide­spread de­cay, of­ten past the point of no re­turn. This is a so­cial re­al­ity lost on the var­i­ous left-lean­ing gov­ern­ments and ac­tivists within ter­tiary ed­u­ca­tional cir­cles who make a dogged ef­fort to di­vide us into of­fend­able mi­nori­ties and ren­der our re­li­gious and Euro­pean past an ir­ri­tat­ing civil foot­note.

As Robert Men­zies af­firmed back in 1948: “We can­not hack away at the foun­da­tions and then ex­press sur­prise when some day the house falls.” May it in­deed not be so in this Great South Land. PETER WATERHOUSE


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