Killer tele­vi­sion roles Rick should tackle next


The bad news is Rick Grimes is leav­ing The Walk­ing Dead; the good news is Rick can roll right into an­other show as our TV aveng­ing an­gel. Be­cause boy is our zom­bies­layer needed.

The dis­con­cert­ing news that An­drew Lin­coln is mak­ing the ninth sea­son of the smash-hit gore-fest his last, broke ear­lier this week. But be­fore the Walker Stalk­ers of the world wail at the ir­re­place­able loss of the show’s lead char­ac­ter (sorry but la­conic Daryl and his greasy Brit­pop hairdo just isn’t go­ing to cut it), I have a plan.

No doubt ac­tor Lin­coln, who had pre­vi­ously found fame as the be­sot­ted Mark in Love Ac­tu­ally and be­fore that as Si­mon in Teach­ers and Egg in This Life, is want­ing to do some­thing more with his ca­reer than bash in the heads of the liv­ing dead like he has been do­ing on re­peat for the past eight years.

But be­fore he bins his grubby shirts and cow­boy boots, we have a few lit­tle house­keep­ing jobs for Rick on our other TV favourites. Here are my Rick picks to keep him on the small screen: The Hand­maid’s Tale Be­fore we all per­ish with the re­lent­less mis­ery of watching those poor white-winged hand­maids get tor­tured and abused for a sec­ond sea­son, the so­lu­tion to Gilead’s op­pressed in­hab­i­tants’ woes would be to send in Rick and Mi­chonne — by far the best char­ac­ter on The Walk­ing Dead — to wield their swords and get Of­fred out of there. Game Of Thrones Rick’s CV means he has the per­fect ex­pe­ri­ence to stick a drag­on­glass sword into the Night King’s eye and save Wes­teros from those other Walk­ers. Af­ter all, Jon Snow could do with a hand — he’s been a bit side­tracked lately what with fall­ing in love with his aunt and all. Stranger Things No of­fence to Eleven, but it’s hardly fair to make one lit­tle girl re­spon­si­ble for mind­clear­ing all the mon­sters stub­bornly lurk­ing un­der your town, is it. Plus, it gives her a nasty nose­bleed every time. She also needs a lit­tle more help than the wellmean­ing po­lice­man Jim Hopper. But we know a top cop at a loose end — bring in Rick and he will give those scary devil dogs the flick. Dr Who Af­ter that it’s time for Rick to nip over to the UK and visit The Doc­tor — in her new form of Jodie Whit­taker. We hear she’s re­cruit­ing for as­sis­tants and who bet­ter to do in the Daleks and other shonky alien in­vaders than Mr Grimes.

MasterChef Even a zom­biehunter needs to eat, so Rick’s next stop should be our favourite cooking com­pe­ti­tion, MasterChef. He’s an ex­pert in the in­creas­ingly fash­ion­able for­ag­ing and can whip up a mean squir­rel sur­prise or worm waf­fle, with some of Carol’s acorn cook­ies to fin­ish. The best part would be see­ing Matt Pre­ston’s face as he tries it. The Block Rick’s fi­nal pick should be the home ren­o­va­tion re­al­ity show The Block — be­cause our hero’s go­ing to need some­where to live af­ter he hangs up his hat. For­get Josh and Jenna, Rick and Mi­chonne would be the dream team. They’re good at de­mo­li­tion, they don’t mind get­ting their hands dirty — and they are used to work­ing with numb­skulls.

Rick Grimes would be right at home in Wes­teros. Dig­i­tally al­tered im­age

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