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I have to agree 100 per cent with the com­ments made by Pam Poland (“Good sense back on TV screens”, Let­ters, 23/9) on tele­vi­sion pre­sen­ters.

I too find the “swal­low­ing” of voices ir­ri­tat­ing, and also the look-at-me at­ti­tudes be­ing dis­played on TV.

There are other is­sues that have crept in to spoil our view­ing as well, such as, why is there such loud mu­sic as a “back­ground” to al­most every pro­gram where peo­ple are speak­ing? Then there is the bad lan­guage in some pro­grams. Can’t con­tes­tants in re­al­ity pro­grams and con­test shows be asked, or told, to re­mem­ber the view­ers and to keep the lan­guage down? It spoils so many pro­grams, and it has be­come eas­ier to just switch off than to put up with it, and some of their an­tics. Let’s get back to good man­ners and san­ity so view­ers can con­tinue to en­joy their tele­vi­sion view­ing. RM BYRNE


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