“In­con­ti­nence was ru­in­ing my life!”

Re­tired nurse takes back con­trol of her life with su­per-ab­sorbent Se­curi-Briefs!

The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney) - - INSIDER - By FIONA LLOYD

GRAND­MOTHER of five and re­tired nurse Mary John­son has al­ways led an ac­tive life. She is a keen ram­bler, reg­u­larly at­tends art classes and is gen­er­ally a very busy per­son! How­ever, rather un­ex­pect­edly, she was di­ag­nosed with uri­nary in­con­ti­nence and in just a few months it took away all her con­fi­dence and free­dom, it was ru­in­ing her life!

“When I re­tired from nurs­ing I was look­ing for­ward to do­ing all the things I loved. I joined a lo­cal walk­ing group, took up a fine art course and I loved pick­ing up the grand- chil­dren from school and look­ing af­ter them, but then ev­ery­thing changed”, she ex­plained.

She de­scribed her first em­bar­rass­ing mo­ment caused by in­con­ti­nence. “I was about to leave my art class when one of the other stu­dents pointed out that there was wa­ter on my chair. He sug­gested, rather kindly, that maybe my wa­ter jug had spilt. It was only then I re­alised that I was rather damp. I wiped the chair clean then rushed to the toi­lets and found that I had wet my­self and had a wet patch on my trousers. I was so em­bar­rassed walk­ing home, I prayed that I wouldn’t bump into any­one I knew.”

“A few weeks later I had an­other ‘ ac­ci­dent’ dur­ing the Sun­day morn­ing ser­vice at Church, but this time I was wear­ing a pad, but it wasn’t great, it didn’t give me the se­cu­rity I needed. Need­less to say I couldn’t leave the church fast enough when the ser­vice fin­ished.”

Mary started to have more reg­u­lar ‘ ac­ci­dents’ and it re­ally started get­ting her down, to the point that she wor­ried ter­ri­bly about leav­ing the house. “I tried all kinds of pads, but they didn’t pro­vide enough pro­tec­tion, so I started to wear dis­pos able in­con­tin-ence briefs”.

Un­for­tu­nately for Mary, dis­pos­able briefs weren’t the an­swer. “At first it was a re­lief to have bet­ter pro­tec­tion, but they were so bulky, noisy and un­com­fort- able. I am sure peo­ple could hear their rus­tle when I walked. I hated them, and felt like an old woman. It was such an aw­ful time, I was para­noid that I smelt, and felt like a pris­oner in my own home.

“Then one day my doc­tor told me about Se­curi-Briefs. She told me that they look and feel just like or­di­nary briefs yet they pro­vide su­per ab­sorbent pro­tec­tion, so I or­dered a pair straight away.”

We asked her how she got on with them. “I can hon­estly say that they com­pletely changed my life. It was true, they did look just like or­di­nary briefs. At first I only wore them at home, just to be on the safe side, but there was re­ally noth­ing to worry about. They worked! They felt very com­fort­able and de­spite my ‘ ac­ci­dents,’ they kept me dry all day long and with no odour prob­lems.

“I or­dered ex­tra pairs for when they are in the wash in dif­fer­ent colours, dif­fer­ent styles and dif­fer­ent lev­els of ab­sorp­tion. It’s mar­vel­lous, some­times I order them ei­ther by post or on the phone, but usu­ally I order on­line and they are here in just a few days, so I don’t have to face the em­bar­rass­ment of or­der­ing over the counter. And no more em­bar­rass­ing rustling!

“I tend to suf­fer more at night, so I wear the su­per ab­sorbent briefs, and they have been a life-changer for me, I no longer have to change my bed sheets every day”

Since then she has been able to take back con­trol of her life. She’s re­joined her walk­ing group and gone back to her art class hav­ing re­gained her con­fi­dence.

Mary John­sonsays Se­curiBriefs kept herdry all day long and with no odour prob­lems

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