Baby names have changed since day Dot


KNOW any­one called Shirley, Bev­er­ley or Ronald? Chances are they’re at least close to 70 as “old-fash­ioned” names get left be­hind by par­ents.

Pop­u­lar as those names were in 1930, they have gone the same way as names such as Don­ald and Ken­neth, which were all among the top 10 baby names for boys 88 years ago.

It’s the same story for girls called Pa­tri­cia and Dorothy.

Yet some names linked with yes­ter­year such as Wil­liam and Harry have kept go­ing strong — prob­a­bly be­cause of cer­tain princes.

In­ter­est­ingly, vari­a­tions on older names have come into fash­ion. In 1930, Mar­garet was a pop­u­lar name for girls. Now it is no longer pop­u­lar, although the de­riv­a­tive Maggie is com­mon.

Like­wise, the name John has al­most van­ished from the list of mod­ern baby names, but Jack, once a nick­name for John, has be­come hugely pop­u­lar.

Mother-of-three Tess Holmes said she had no qualms about nam­ing her 12week-old daugh­ter Dorothy.

“My grandma’s mid­dle name is Dorothy, my mum’s aunty is called Dorothy and my hus­band’s grandma is also a Dorothy,” she said.

Tess with Dorothy and Scar­lett.

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