Fight­ing off a dad blob

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It’s Fa­ther’s Day, and that means dads right across the coun­try will be open­ing gifts, en­joy­ing break­fast in bed, or just do­ing what­ever it is they feel like do­ing all day (Bun­nings, footy, re­peat) on this most spe­cial of Sun­days. But there is one gift no­body wants to wake up to on Fa­ther’s Day, and that’s the sink­ing re­al­i­sa­tion that your once beach-ready body has some­how been trans­formed. Maybe it’s the notches on your belt that warn you, or maybe the but­tons on your shirt are work­ing a lit­tle harder than usual.

It can only mean one thing; you’re now

the not-so-proud owner of the dreaded dad bod. Don’t panic, there’s no rea­son to drop the pan­cakes and run to the gym right now. In fact, a sur­vey con­ducted by Planet Fit­ness ear­lier this year found that the dad bod was ac­tu­ally get­ting sex­ier.

Some 65 per cent of the peo­ple they sur­veyed said they found dad bods at­trac­tive, and 61 per cent said they found a bit of ex­tra bag­gage gen­uinely “sexy”.

Be­sides, it’s al­most im­pos­si­ble to avoid. As we get older, our me­tab­o­lisms be­gin to slow down, mean­ing that we sim­ply can’t eat and drink the way we once could. And it be­comes harder to build mus­cle as we age, too. All of which means the diet and fit­ness rou­tine you stuck to when you were 30 sim­ply won’t pro­duce the same re­sults at 50. And all of that is com­pletely nat­u­ral, and so no real cause for sud­den panic.

But you also need to be hon­est with yourself. So go and take a quick look in the mir­ror and tell me; are we talk­ing the nat­u­ral soft­en­ing around the edges that comes with a dad bod? Or are you in dan­ger of trans­form­ing into some­thing much worse — the dad blob? If it’s the lat­ter, then that’s some­thing you prob­a­bly do need to worry about, but don’t worry — it can wait un­til to­mor­row too.

Happy Fa­ther’s Day dad, we’re go­ing to help make sure you don’t turn into a dad blob!

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