Star Wars has me more wor­ried than a Year 12 re­union

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The new Star Wars trailer dropped this week, bring­ing with it equal amounts of de­light and trep­i­da­tion — some­what akin to a mid­dle-aged man re­ceiv­ing an in­vi­ta­tion to a Year 12 re­union.

Sure, you could fall for the old high school crush but, equally, you could end up be­ing given an atomic wedgie and slink­ing back home with your tail be­tween your legs.

The mish­mash that was The Last Jedi and, of course, the out­cry at the end­ing of Game Of Thrones has fans wor­ry­ing that this pop-cul­ture phe­nom­e­non, part of my life since 1977, will end badly.

Or worse, not end at all and we will be forced to watch a bunch of medi­ocre Star Wars TV shows on the new Dis­ney stream­ing ser­vice to find out what re­ally hap­pened.

Things weren’t helped by Lucasfilm pres­i­dent Kath­leen Kennedy com­ing out and say­ing the film would be “an in­cred­i­bly good time”.

For who? The mar­keters who can ex­pect to sell a gazil­lion toys for Christ­mas? Peo­ple who like to dress up as Stormtroop­ers and Wook­iees and for a few short weeks can get away with it in day­light hours? Or the fans who have been want­ing to see this chap­ter closed in the right way?

Avengers: Endgame was a bril­liant fin­ish to that saga. So it can be done. But there’s a lot to get through.

The Last Jedi ad­vanced the story no fur­ther than The Force Awak­ens so now The Rise Of Sky­walker lker has to fit in a lot of plot. ot. Not to men­tion a dead ead Car­rie Fisher as s a live Princess Leia and a live Mark Hamill as a dead Luke Sky­walker.

Di­rec­tor J.J. Abrams did a good job with The Force Awak­ens, s, even if it was pretty much a re­make of the orig­i­nal Star Wars. I hope he can fin­ish the tale of the Sky­walk­ers well.

Al­though if I see Ewoks in the next trailer, I’m go­ing to be very sus­pi­cious that’s he’s just re­made Re­turn Of The Jedi. This week’s wee trailer also re­vealed re­veale Daisy Ri­d­ley’s Ridl Rey both fig fight­ing the b bad­die Kylo Ren and a also whip­ping w out a n new dou­bleb bladed lightsaber lig in red, the Star Wars colour colou of evil.

This was sim­i­lar to the weapon used by Darth Maul in The Phan­tom Men­ace and seems to in­di­cate that the heroic Rey has gone to the Dark Side.

Yet ob­vi­ously that is not the case. You don’t re­veal the main plot twist in the trailer.

So is it a dream se­quence, a sig­nal that The Force is fi­nally in bal­ance so any­one can use any colour of lightsaber (you shouldn’t as­sume peo­ple’s pref­er­ence based on how they whip out their lightsaber) or even a sign that roles have swapped, Kylo Ren has be­come the hero and started call­ing him­self Ben Solo again?

I hope it’s a sign of The Force be­ing in bal­ance. That would be a good end­ing.

I just hope it’s not de­signed to sell a new range of toys for Christ­mas. That would make me an­grier than a Wookiee who’s just lost three games of holo-chess in a row. To Jar Jar Binks.

Mark Hamill in The Last Jedi.

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