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I am shocked to read re­ports warn­ing us about coun­try towns close to be­ing out of avail­able drink­ing wa­ter.

It’s ter­ri­ble that are still no emer­gency plans in place to counter what may ul­ti­mately be­come our worst night­mare.

Clearly the drought has been giv­ing us one or two years’ no­tice, and yet, for all the pos­tur­ing and grand­stand­ing by politi­cians, both in and out of par­lia­ment, not one of them has taken any of it se­ri­ously, it would seem. We have had am­ple warn­ings of the “im­pend­ing flood” that will surely fol­low the drought.

So, then, what will it take, be­fore we have to de­clare an emer­gency state ex­ists, and what mea­sures are we go­ing to take to counter it?

Why weren’t dams built to­gether, along with the de­sali­na­tion plant, and why weren’t things car­ried for­ward to their log­i­cal con­clu­sion?

Think about the bil­lions of dol­lars spent on in­fra­struc­ture in the past year alone, yet how much of it was for wa­ter?


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