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FIND A NEW GOAL. “When I was in­jured be­fore Syd­ney, I knew I had to find a new goal quickly,” Eloise says. “For me, it was get­ting healthy, be­cause only then could I fo­cus on run­ning again, and then I could race again. It’s a step-by-step process.”


FOR­GET THE ‘WHAT IFS’. “In Rio, I found my­self locked in a toi­let cu­bi­cle think­ing about what was out there and I started to panic, “Eloise says. “I started think­ing what if I go out there and run a bad race? What if I em­bar­rass my­self? What if, what if, what if? But you just need to pic­ture the steps, one at a time, and vi­su­alise ex­actly what will hap­pen. That’s what gets you through those mo­ments.”


NEVER GIVE UP. It might sound like a cliche, but if you want some­thing, then never give up on it be­cause of the chal­lenges you might face, or the fear of fail­ure,” she says. “Fear of fail­ure will only sab­o­tage your ef­forts. Re­mem­ber, just be­cause some­thing didn’t work the first time that doesn’t have to be your story.”

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