Women feel the burnout

‘En­ergy cri­sis’ across an ex­hausted na­tion

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AUS­TRALIA is in the grip of a hu­man en­ergy cri­sis, with new data show­ing burnout has be­come our num­ber one health worry. And ex­perts blame work and life­style for the con­cern­ing trend.

Re­search shows “feel­ing bet­ter and hav­ing more en­ergy” is given as the big­gest rea­son for Aus­tralians want­ing to change their diet — more so than losing weight, look­ing good or be­cause of med­i­cal ad­vice.

Sur­pris­ingly, a lack of en­ergy is a com­mon theme across all ages, sexes and states, al­though women are feel­ing it worse than men (82 per cent of fe­males com­pared to 67 per cent of males).

More than 1500 Aus­tralians aged over 18 were asked to pick the big­gest trig­ger for eat­ing well as part of Taste’s land­mark study, Recipe For Health.

Aus­tralians across all age groups rate en­ergy as the most im­por­tant rea­son for eat­ing healthy. And it’s the same in ev­ery state, al­though South Aus­tralians feel it most at 69 per cent, closely fol­lowed by the ACT at 68 per cent and NSW fourth with 64 per cent.

Ex­perts warned the en­ergy slump is be­cause of our life­styles and di­ets but said it is fix­able — and they urged Aussies to take a sim­ple on­line test as a first step to turn­ing that around.

Ginni Mans­berg, au­thor of Why Am I So Tired? said Aus­tralians are run­ning out of fuel be­cause they work too much.

“We know for women in par­tic­u­lar we are shoul­der­ing the vast ma­jor­ity of the home-based work … while we of­ten still take up the bur­den of pay­ing 50 per cent of the mort­gage and the bills by work­ing full time,” she said.

Lead­ing obe­sity ex­pert Dr Nick Fuller from the Uni­ver­sity of Syd­ney and au­thor of the book In­ter­val Weight Loss said: “Fa­tigue and en­ergy and ev­ery­thing that goes with that is of­ten a con­se­quence of car­ry­ing ex­cess weight and not pri­ori­tis­ing our health.”

When Mel­tem Tinci was di­ag­nosed with an un­der­ac­tive thy­roid she weighed 113kg. The Syd­neysider un­der­went gas­tric band surgery and is now nearly half the size she used to be at 65kg.

But surgery alone wasn’t the an­swer for Ms Tinci, who has since had two chil­dren.

Like the rest of us, stick­ing to a healthy diet has been key to keep­ing her weight con­trolled — and her en­ergy lev­els up.

“I wanted to be the mother that runs around,” she said.

“A healthy diet makes you feel bet­ter; and the bet­ter you feel, the bet­ter you get through the days and the weeks over­all.”

Mel­tem Tinci has changed her eat­ing habits and in­creased her en­ergy. Pic­ture: Sam Rut­tyn

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