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Come on John Hib­ble (“Un­fair at­tack”, Your Say, Sept 9), churches non-profit? My Aunt Fanny.

Mil­lions of dol­lars pour into those or­gan­i­sa­tions. Just look at the mon­u­ments (churches).

They should pay tax and it’s un­rea­son­able to per­sist with this no-tax stu­pid­ity.

As far as a 2000-year-old tra­di­tion (con­fes­sion), so what, it’s such er­rant non­sense. There is no ref­er­ence to this method of se­cret con­fes­sion to men in the Bi­ble.

It is sim­ply a Ro­man

Catholic tra­di­tion and doc­trine of men, and Je­sus is very crit­i­cal of such things.

Read Matthew 15:3 or Mark 7:1-13. That’s just two scrip­tures.

If only peo­ple would read their Bi­ble and live ac­cord­ing to what God says and not to the opin­ion of men, the world would be a much bet­ter place. DON HATCH Jurien Bay

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