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1. A curtsy is a small bob not a swan dive. 2. When the Queen speaks to you, then it will be your time to speak.

3. At state func­tions wear your tiara to iden­tify you as part of the fam­ily.

4. Start your meal when the Queen starts her meal and fin­ish your meal when Her Majesty fin­ishes. 5. Speak to the per­son to your left side dur­ing the first course. Dur­ing the main course, speak to the guest at your right side. Never the per­son op­po­site. 6. At af­ter­noon tea, use your fin­gers for all foods, ex­cept patis­series when you will use a fork. 7. Of­fer tea, sugar and milk be­fore serv­ing your­self. 8. Hold the teacup cor­rectly by pinch­ing the cup han­dle. Never slurp.

9. Do not stir the cup of tea like a wash­ing ma­chine, but by us­ing a 6-12 mo­tion.

10. When giv­ing a so­cial card, use hands on each cor­ner with the words fac­ing the re­cip­i­ent.

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