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Your far-left re­porter An­nika Smethurst seems hell bent on por­tray­ing Aus­tralians as nazis if they ob­ject to high crime rates by Africans in Melbourne (An­ning backs far-right race rally, TST, Jan 6).

Ap­par­ently, Fraser An­ning used the nazi phrase “fi­nal solution” in Par­lia­ment, though she doesn’t men­tion con­text. Crime sta­tis­tics show “about one in 10 peo­ple from Su­dan or South Su­dan liv­ing in Vic­to­ria were in­volved in a crim­i­nal in­ci­dent last year, which is a far higher rate than for any of the other na­tion­al­i­ties”. Strange she doesn’t men­tion that. Sarah Han­son-Young wants An­ning si­lenced and im­plores the Gov­ern­ment to ig­nore his vote. She didn’t men­tion African crime rates ei­ther.

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