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8 Tatura Guardian NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2018 IN TOUCH WITH OUR COMMUNITY Focus on independence at home THE RURAL ALLIED HEALTH TEAM (RAHT) RUNS A REGULAR PROGRAM FOR THOSE AGED OVER 65 PROMOTING INDEPENDENT LIVING “At the end we’ll do another and look at how they’ve progressed,” Ms Stevens said. “That will give us a guide to hopefully get people to keep going at home, as the exercises are simple enough to continue without supervision.” The 101 Group Program can be joined by logging on to MyAgedCare, with no limits on participant numbers or gender. The RAHT is hoping to run several groups a year. “Community-based programs are there to fill a need — everyone can get a lot out of it,” Ms Stevens said. “People gain so many social benefits. It’s been really lovely to see that evolve — the friendship and reaching out, it’s really great.” attending the group. They are musing on Christmas as the session — which takes place the Tuesday after the latest leadership spill in Canberra — wraps up for the day. “This year has flown — there are only three more prime ministers until Christmas!” Betty said with a laugh. “Often when you’re admitted to hospital they ask you who the and all about how to look after yourself.” “Betty tried to get some free advice while the podiatrist was here,” Carmel said with a laugh. “That didn’t work out so well!” Betty admitted. Both women are excited by the opportunity to take part in the group sessions. They were looking forward to visiting Aquamoves to familiarise groups strength and balance exercises.” Each participant has a minute at each station around the room, focusing on different areas of the body. The exercise routines have been planned by physiotherapists, with assessments prior to the program beginning. Carmel and Betty met Ms Stevens through a walking group. Both came in for an The 101 Group Program focuses on helping older people remain independent, focusing on the skills and aptitudes they have learned throughout their lives. The program assists people to function as best they can in their home environment, incorporating exercise and a range of education sessions with speakers from the GV Health Rural Allied Health Team. These include discussions on foot health, continence and occupational therapy, focusing on modifications in the home that help people remain selfreliant. “We’ve had discussions on dietary requirements that people may need as they age,” RAHT team assistant Marina Stevens said. “The topics can be wideranging, but we focus on what’s important for the group.” Each 150-minute session — run on Tuesday mornings — involves a range of warm-up exercises and activities. “We focus on warming up, incorporating some fun,” Ms Stevens said. “We play mind games, games with balls, and then move on to “THIS HAS GIVEN ME MORE CONFIDENCE – IT’S GREAT FOR THOSE WHO ARE A BIT OLDER AND A BIT FRAILER.” PM is — that’d be a good memory game!” Carmel said. Both agree they had improved immensely during the course of the program. “We’ve had a nice time — I think it’d be nice to keep catching up after this is over,” Betty said. “I’ve come away thinking it’s so easy,” Carmel said. “I do the exercises at home now. I get a lot out of it — it’s the best.” with community facilities and other programs available, and Vision Australia for a cooking class for their wind-up day. “What’s lovely is that everyone is very comfortable about talking about different, important issues,” Carmel said. “That’s the idea of sharing and gaining something from one another.” Carmel and Betty have developed quite a rapport in the time they have been assessment and were in the fourth week of the program at the time of this chat. “I was too frightened to do anything, though I was getting home help,” Carmel said. “This has given me more confidence. It’s great for those who are a bit older and a bit frailer.” “It’s been very informative,” Betty said. “We’ve heard from the Allied Health staff about holistic care, The 101 Group Program helps older people enjoy good health and happy, independent futures at home. The six-week program takes place from 10 am to 12.30 pm Tuesday mornings at Community Health @ GV Health, 121–135 Corio Street, Shepparton. To join please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and asking for a referral to the RAHT. ABOUT THE RAHT Allied Health Assistant Marina Stevens, participants Jan Ducat, Betty Freer, Joy Stott, Carmel Mustey, occupational therapists Sam McKenzie McHarg and Robyn Forge, physiotherapist Regan Hollioake. The GV Health Rural Allied Health Team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, social workers and speech pathologists. The team is funded through the Victoria Home and Community Care Program for Younger People and the Commonwealth Home Support Program. These programs provide services to the frail, aged, people with a disability and their carers. The team services a geographical area of 9802 sq kms and an estimated population of about 20 000 eligible clients. Services are provided across three local government areas in the Goulburn Valley catchment area, which includes Greater Shepparton, Moira Shire and Strathbogie Shire. The RAHT receives about 1000 referrals each year and provides service to about 1200 clients annually. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW

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