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Pisces With Jupiter on the Node, you are drawn to an epic de­vel­op­ment in ro­mance.

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Aquarius | JAN 20-FEB 17 Since De­cem­ber 11, Mer­cury has been blast­ing you with spir­i­tual growth im­per­a­tives; lu­cid dreams, syn­chronic­ity, clear in­sights that flare up sud­denly when you’re clear­ing the dish­washer — even via the words of id­iots. This week the process cli­maxes; the mes­sage is man­i­fest. A bonus: you have a delu­sion in­tol­er­ance.

Pisces | FEB 18-MAR 19 You want to be un­der­stood and to defy ex­pla­na­tion. It’s the di­chotomy of Pisces, bril­liant for art or niche en­ter­prises but hard on re­la­tion­ships. But with Jupiter on the Node, you are drawn to an epic de­vel­op­ment in ro­mance. It’s linked to your new level of con­scious­ness. Don’t try to re­late from the old one.

Aries | MAR 20-APR 19 Mars is edg­ing into an op­por­tune an­gle with Pluto, your cue to po­si­tion your­self for ne­go­ti­a­tion. There is no rut so deep that you can’t pro­pel your­self out of it. Hav­ing your ruler Mars in the depth-plumb­ing sign of Scorpio means ev­ery­thing vo­ca­tional or com­mer­cial in­volves some soul min­ing. Find your­self, find that profit.

Taurus | APR 20-MAY 20 Cre­atively, you’re in­can­des­cent. If you’re not feel­ing this, stop hang­ing out with qi vam­pires or let­ting out your brain to peo­ple/con­cerns that do noth­ing for you. This is artis­tic and en­ter­pris­ing astrol­ogy that aug­ments your niche tal­ents. If you need seclu­sion, shop­ping, acupunc­ture — what­ever — to ac­ti­vate, do it.

Gemini | MAY 21-JUN 20 Venus and Mars in as­pect to Pluto all week in­di­cate some­thing re­gen­er­a­tive and hot (sex, money or your per­sonal mojo) get­ting trac­tion, fast. Don’t in­dulge in cir­cu­lar think­ing or tan­gen­tial crap. One of the pur­poses of this past eight weeks has been to clear your psy­chic slate and start over. This ben­e­fits re­la­tion­ships and cre­ativ­ity alike.

Can­cer | JUN 21-JUL 22 If you sus­pect some­one’s venom (or in­com­pe­tence so over the top that it seems hos­tile) could in­ter­fere with your nest vibe, barge in and deal. Get it on with an am­bi­tion you would usu­ally post­pone as too grandiose. Noth­ing is left to soak. Re­la­tion­ships of all ilks are pro­gress­ing, ready or not.

Leo | JUL 23-AUG 22 The new rules of be­ing Leo (yes there are rules; some­one has to keep the stan­dards up around here): You don’t dwell in even the most il­lus­tri­ous past. You treat nos­tal­gia like kryp­tonite, toxic and en­fee­bling. You are go­ing to en­hance your lair to be sup­port­ive of your cre­ative vibe or score a new one. You don’t mate with Mug­gles.

Virgo | AUG 23-SEP 22 Fire god­dess Vesta con­junct rad planet Uranus pre­views sex, money and power de­vel­op­ments strong from this May. It’s anti your base­line na­ture but don’t stew in pri­vate. You could let rip with some as­ser­tion of your rights, goals, bound­aries. Oth­er­wise, with Mars in Scorpio, your seething could cause a batty psy­chic im­plo­sion.

Libra | SEP 23-OCT 22 Eight more months till Jupiter gets into Libra and your most po­tent lucky phase for over a decade be­gins. Don’t re­sort to non-you so­lu­tions just be­cause this week is nuts. Meet­ing new peo­ple with fresh takes on things is vi­tal for your pros­per­ity. Jupiter is hang­ing on the north node; kismet chore­ographed en­coun­ters all month!

Scorpio | OCT 23-NOV 21 By Feb the fi­nal Mer­cury-Pluto con­junc­tion for this cy­cle is done and your mind is re­set. Rigid­ity dis­solves. The new truth in­te­grates. You don’t have long to wait for some sort of af­fir­ma­tion of your new stance. Re­sist the carp­ing “I told you so”. Scor­pios suit an im­per­vi­ous cool, like a raven.

Sagittarius | NOV 22-DEC 21 If your ver­sion of Mer­cury in Capricorn (Dec 11 to mid-Feb) has in­volved a near-fi­nan­cial-death ex­pe­ri­ence, take heart. You’ve passed the hot zone of this thing and are about to emerge with valu­able find­ings. Se­ri­ously, the lessons you learn about busi­ness, man­age­ment, self-worth and pros­per­ity are worth the crap of this astro-pas­sage. As­sess and re­set.

Capricorn | DEC 22-JAN 19 Bore­dom with your aes­thet­ics or im­age — house and your look — could be sky high. Venus in your sign is an­gling Pluto and Uranus, the change gods. But the shift is more pro­found than a mere spruce-up. You’re crav­ing an ex­te­rior that re­flects the in­ner trans­for­ma­tion of the past three years. By the 10th: bril­liant tid­ings!

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