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| APR 20-MAY 20 Mer­cury ret­ro­grade can mean your phone, com­puter and house­hold ap­pli­ances re­volt against you in a mutiny of crazy pro­por­tions. Even your renowned pa­tience is tried via time be­ing leeched away from you. But Venus into your sign to­day ups the yin, your per­sonal hot­ness and re­la­tion­ship savvy.


| MAY 21-JUN 20 Saturn in the house of love; when you set rea­son­able healthy stan­dards for re­la­tion­ships and end up with few con­tenders. Sane, sol­vent and avail­able shouldn’t be that dif­fi­cult. But no mat­ter what strange vor­tex may be present in one-on-ones at the mo­ment, shift your at­ten­tion to your over­loaded soul sec­tor.


| JUN 21-JUL 22 Later in May, Jupiter chal­lenges Saturn and your ev­ery­day biz ad­min or day job vibe will re­quire se­ri­ous man­age­ment ge­nius. Bound­aries and re­stric­tions will be re­vealed, ex­ist­ing cracks or fragility may widen. But you take ad­van­tage of this week’s fab­u­lous as­tral vibe for reach­ing out to your broader net­works.


| JUL 23-AUG 22 Ruler Apollo makes un­told ben­e­fi­cial con­nec­tions this week. You’re boosted by Venus in the public im­age sec­tor. Shake off the residue from some murky sex/debt scene and go hus­tle. Per­for­mance Leo is back. Your only con­cern need be that Mer­cury retro means slow­ing things down and ac­cept­ing that ne­go­ti­a­tions go slow.


| AUG 23-SEP 22 Jupiter in your sign is mov­ing into a cathar­tic as­pect with Saturn: think the Her­mit in the tarot, saga­cious and tread­ing a path lit only by his own light. If you are to grow, there is some­thing from your past or in your home that you get to deal with in May. The more you think growth, the more this vibe aug­ments your awe­some.


| SEP 23-OCT 22 Retro Mer­cury is per­fect for pul­veris­ing debt or shared $$$ sit­u­a­tions that have been slow­ing you. It’s also Venus into Taurus — a sign the goddess ex­presses bril­liantly. You feel this as an artis­tic or a ro­man­tic re­nais­sance. If you’ve put up overly re­in­forced walls against in­ti­macy, you could con­sider re­lax­ing pol­icy a tad?


| OCT 23-NOV 21 In­for­ma­tion or an op­por­tu­nity comes that in­fuses you with light & af­fir­ma­tion. Not even retro Mars can dim this ra­di­ance. But you are nat­u­rally go­ing to use it and Mer­cury ret­ro­grade to op­er­ate covertly, not bolt­ing at op­por­tu­ni­ties or even re­la­tion­ships un­til you’re ab­so­lutely ready. Morphs will be on your terms.


| NOV 22-DEC 21 Don’t blame Saturn in Sagittarius or even Mars retro in your sign for any “caged” sen­sa­tion. They are merely en­hanc­ing your aware­ness to the point where you see ra­tio­nal lim­its and the ir­ra­tional, eas­ily bro­ken down bound­aries. You need a plan and an ev­ery­day regime that sup­ports your peace + clar­ity.


| DEC 22-JAN 19 Par­ent­ing, cre­at­ing and se­duc­ing are all on point; you are in­fus­ing ev­ery­thing with fer­tile, man­i­fest­ing type vibe. The new moon is a reboot for the above themes and you’re mak­ing space for rad re­sults. This may in­volve block­ing a few charm­ing but par­a­sit­i­cal types from your in­boxes. Deny­ing ac­cess to vam­pires feels fab.


| JAN 20-FEB 17 Retro Mars in your so­cial sec­tor could evoke the re­turn of peeps you’d ban­ished (from your brain, realm, what­ever) and via sur­prise en­try or strange cir­cum­stances. Your key fo­cus this week is to max out the rad sun syn­er­gies. You can re ground your­self and form the most pow­er­ful of al­liances.


| FEB 18-MAR 19 Me­dia, writ­ing, short trips and schol­arly pur­suits are ad­van­ta­geous. Mer­cury is retro so re­vi­sion, edit­ing and pos­si­ble prof­itable back­tracks are a theme. But the ben­e­fi­cial rays of Apollo beam­ing out to your ruler Nep­tune bring wel­come mes­sages. In work, biz, art and com­merce, di­rect “hos­tile” ac­tion is not ad­van­ta­geous.


| MAR 20-APR 19 Venus into your $$$ sec­tor ups the mag­netic pull of your tal­ents/ge­nius/ pro­fes­sion­al­ism. Mer­cury ret­ro­grade is rad for re­vi­sion and fi­ness­ing fi­nances. Retro Mars? It’s a sim­i­lar deal. Think tac­ti­cal re­set and the assertive un­cov­er­ing of un­re­alised as­sets, re­sources and con­nec­tions. Set new money res­o­lu­tions by May 6-7.

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