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It’s the ul­ti­mate in suV one-up­man­ship

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There’s a pop­u­lar joke that in­volves a trav­eller get­ting lost in (insert god­for­saken re­gion) and stop­ping to ask the way to a nearby town. “You can’t get there from here,” says the lo­cal. It’s funny be­cause the an­swer is ab­surd but also be­cause we know what the lo­cal is get­ting at: it’s too tricky, you need to back­track.

In the early days of mo­tor­ing, a cen­tury ago, get­ting from any­where to any­where was dif­fi­cult. There were few roads and lots of war. It was then that Rolls-Royce earned its rep­u­ta­tion, which orig­i­nally cen­tred on its un­break­a­bil­ity rather than its sta­tus. It im­pressed ma­hara­jahs in In­dian jun­gles and gen­er­als in the shell craters of Europe. Lawrence of Ara­bia, who em­ployed a small mo­torised pla­toon, said: “A Rolls in the desert is above ru­bies.”

It’s pos­si­ble – well, plau­si­ble – that a modern Rolls might be ca­pa­ble of sim­i­lar things. But no one would try – they don’t have to. They would take the Range Rover in­stead. So there’s some­thing ironic about the lat­est ad­di­tion to the Rolls-Royce

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