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Trent Dal­ton throws down the chal­lenge to the com­men­tary team of Adam Gilchrist and Shane Warne (“It’s com­pli­cated”, Dec 1-2). But “Church” and Warnie” have big shoes to fill. Will any duo, no mat­ter how charis­matic, ever come close to the ban­ter and en­ter­tain­ment pro­vided by Bill Lawry and Tony Greig? Chal­lenge ac­cepted? Let’s hope so.

Bill Jack­son

Arana Hills, Qld

I have Fox Sports and am a cricket lover but there is no way I will watch it while Shane Warne is a com­men­ta­tor. If they do their re­search they will find this is one of their big­gest prob­lems.

Mick Evans

Park Ridge, Qld

What a great read. I’m only moder­ately fa­mil­iar with the great names in Aussie cricket and the sto­ries around them but my ex­tra plea­sure came from the fact that I read it with­out notic­ing the au­thor. As I fin­ished the last suc­cinct para­graph, I thought: “This has got to be by Trent Dal­ton.” And it was!

Tr­ish O’Neill Swan­bourne, WA

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