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24-25. Mind Games

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Much like Weezer’s 2019 resurgence, an already-scheduled LP has been unexpected­ly pre-empted by a different project entirely. Unlike the glorified karaoke of The Teal Album, however, OK Human may be one of the band’s most intriguing projects in years. With barely a guitar in sight, Rivers Cuomo and co have instead opted for a 38-piece orchestra — for the entire album, too. Although inspired by a certain pop vintage, the quintessen­tial nature of the band’s outsider nature still weaves its way through. The tender Bird With a Broken Wing and the juxtaposed jaunt of All My Favorite Songs feed Cuomo’s vulnerabil­ity through considerab­ly different yet equally stirring orchestral manoeuvres. This is a peculiar, rewarding baroque-pop odyssey. Your move, Van Weezer — album No 15 is due in May.

David James Young

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