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What would you sacrifice to discover and connect with your one true love, satisfacti­on 100 per cent guaranteed? That’s the premise of the admirably uneven yet thought-provoking six-part AMC anthology series Soulmates. Fifteen years from now biotech firm Soul Connex have created a test which matches kindred spirits, and the ripple effect on curious marrieds and others with an itch to scratch is the heart of the show. In the first episode, Adelaide’s Sarah Snook (Succession) stars as Nikki, a mother at first sceptical of the process who mulls taking the test in secret but is unprepared for the reaction of husband Franklin (Kingsley BenAdir, One Night in Miami…). Compared to the popular dystopian British series Black Mirror for its blending of sinister hi-tech concepts and O. Henry-ish storytelli­ng, Soulmates was created by Emmy-winning writer William Bridges (Stranger Things and — surprise, surprise — Black Mirror) and actor-writer Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso). “A soulmate isn’t someone who is going to fix you,” Bridges has warned in interviews, suggesting the recently confirmed second season shows similarly double-edged promise.


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sunday times Across: 1243

1 South Georgia, 9 Bungee cord, 10 Saga, 11 Goings-on, 12 Barfly, 13 Land, 15 Red snapper, 17 Barbie doll, 19 Data, 20 Assign, 22 Abdicant, 24 Buff, 25 Able seaman, 26 Fiddlestic­ks

Down: 2 Organ, 3 Tree surgeon, 4 Groaned, 5 Odd, 6 Gastropod, 7 Angel, 8 Automata, 12 Bangladesh­i, 14 Debriefed, 16 Estonian, 18 Oracles, 21 Stuff, 23 Crack, 25 Ail



10 11 12 13 15 17 18 19 21 23 25 26


Find out about ball after throw that shouldn’t happen (6,6)

Cargo near wrong side? (9)

Little interest concerning stage part (5)

Girl left behind (4)

This handle rarely opens or closes (6,4) Drunkard swims badly in a coma (11)

What’s central to rowdiness? (3)

It’s my intention to harm (3)

Vehicle for crashing on track (8,3)

Naval officer eats shrimp at sea (10)

Outlaw given good report (4)

A glossy back on a lizard (5)

Plain sandwiches almost lasting until tomorrow (9)

These may pick up rubbish (3,9)








8 9 14 16 18 20 22 24

Run into oneself thus (4)

Very mean, that’s clear (9)

Rising gas beginning to drop a lot (2,3) Rainbow over faded trail (10)

Get ready to travel here (6,2,6)

Keep prisoners in it (7)

Whitish top worn by friend? (6)

Poor insects, all buzzing as bees do (5-9) Total cheat, total friend (10)

Complete tool (9)

Load of software isn’t, surprising­ly, the lot (7) Fine doctor for nursing hospital (6)

Lifted a priest’s vestment (5)

Expert on royalty


What state, territory or country capital city is closest to Cairns?


What company’s logo is nicknamed “swoosh”?


What was discovered in the Neander Valley in Germany in 1856?


What species of shark is sometimes called the Zambezi shark?


What three adjectives does John Travolta use to describe the car in the opening three lines of Greased Lightnin’?


What is the only European country not part of the Commonweal­th where cars drive on the left-hand side of the road?


According to the Book of Exodus, how many plagues did God and Moses inflict on the Egyptian people?


What planet’s moons are Deimos and Phobos?


Which anthropomo­rphic car had a California­n number plate OFP 857?


What novel did Robert Louis

Stevenson write first: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Treasure Island?


In which two films did Jack Nicholson portray retired astronaut Garrett Breedlove?


What three colonies were the inaugural participan­ts in the Sheffield Shield in 1892-93?


Which supermodel was married to French president Nicolas Sarkozy?


Which continent has the highest number of practising Christians?


What hot sauce originated from peppers grown on Avery Island in the US state of Louisiana?


What are the four principal federal courts in Australia?


What ABC crime show was the highest rating local drama on Australian television last year?


Which Icehouse song in 1987 reached No 7 on the US Billboard chart?


Who was born first Alexander the Great, Confucius or Julius Caesar?


What two Asian capital cities start with the letter P?


What is both the name of an Umberto Eco novel and an instrument that measures the Earth’s rotation?


What fashion store’s 1980s advertisin­g jingle was “This goes with that at …”


Who was Roger Federer’s player partner when Switzerlan­d won its only Davis Cup in 2014?


What shape is a helix?


The name of what drink is the diminutive of the Russian word for water?

This quiz is out of 34 if scoring for every correct response to multi-answer questions. Answers to the Quiz can be found on page 25. Online: Review’s interactiv­e quiz plus more games and brain teasers

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