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Bridget Cormack learns about a new Noongar language dub of Bruce Lee classic Fist of Fury

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One of the qualities I most admire in a jazz group is nonchalanc­e. I don’t hear it much in today’s albums, as it is often overridden by other forces in the music. Occasional­ly an album comes along where, as the music unfolds, I feel that the musicians are not trying to make it happen; they are allowing it to happen, and have surrendere­d themselves to the music. This is so with the brilliant trio led by Melbourne pianist Tim Stevens, which handles all time-feels with aplomb. Perhaps this is because he, Ben Robertson (bass) and Dave Beck (drums) have been together for 15 years and an intuitive trust unites them. No one is trying to impress; no one is trying too hard. The result is an outstandin­g album, a masterly exploratio­n of 10 beautiful Stevens compositio­ns.

Eric Myers

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