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In a world of indie-rock homogeneit­y, you immediatel­y notice bands like Black Country, New Road. The British septet doesn’t so much defy genre categorisa­tions as it openly flaunts its music existing entirely outside of it. That much is clear from the outset of its debut album, which opens with a five-minute instrument­al melding klezmer, math-rock and roots music. Across six tracks and 40 minutes, the band effortless­ly weave dynamics and stylistic tessellati­ons, exuding confidence normally reserved for an act decades into its career. Its unusual melange of swelling violins, beat-poetry lyrics and sprawling guitars ensure there is never a dull or even skippable moment throughout. Guitar bands better hit the drawing board with some loftier ambitions for 2021 if they want to compete.

David James Young

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