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Mau­rice New­man pro­vides a re­fresh­ing view on cli­mate change (“Zero at the equa­tor? The so-called cli­mate ex­perts have gone troppo”, 9/11). By 2030 it will be ob­vi­ous that the cli- mate change move­ment is a fraud. Car­bon diox­ide emis­sion lev­els world­wide will be much higher be­cause coun­tries such as China will con­tinue to in­crease their emis­sions. It will also be ev­i­dent that as emis­sions have risen steadily over the past cen­tury, if it was a prob­lem it would have man­i­fested it­self be­fore now.

By 2030, the re­new­ables scene will be in a mess. Roof-top pan­els, wind gen­er­a­tors and lithium bat­ter­ies will be reach­ing the end of their use­ful lives and there’ll be a huge bill to re­place them. By then the un­re­li­a­bil­ity of re­new­able power will be ob­vi­ous to all, and we will be sick of black­outs.

We can only hope com­mon sense will pre­vail, and pro­mot­ers of cli­mate change will have long since dis­ap­peared in em­bar­rass­ment. R. Wat­son, Sun­ny­bank Hills, Qld

The cli­mate change story must con­tinue to be be­lieved be­cause too many peo­ple profit from it. Cli­mate sci­ence is now just part of the pro­pa­ganda of pol­i­tics and cor­po­rate rob­bery, and is crafted to fit the story. Par­ties com- pete to show us who is the most com­mit­ted to tack­ling cli­mate change, the re­new­able en­ergy in­dus­try robs us blind while cloth­ing it­self in virtue, ac­tivists froth at the mouth and the coun­try falls to pieces.

No mat­ter what level of eco­nomic sui­cide we con­tem­plate it will never be enough to ap­pease those with “the knowl­edge”. As long as peo­ple con­tinue to sus­pend ra­tio­nal­ity and be­lieve in the the­ory that a benign trace gas that is the ba­sis of all life on Earth has some mag­i­cal prop­erty to trap heat and con­trol the cli­mate we will never be free of th­ese char­la­tans. David Bid­strup, Plymp­ton Park, SA

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