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Trends move quickly and when dec­o­rat­ing specif­i­cally to keep up with them it can not only be ex­haust­ing but when you are talk­ing ren­o­vat­ing in­te­ri­ors, it can be costly. Dec­o­rat­ing with a cer­tain pe­riod or style that is less likely to date steers your home away from be­ing a vic­tim of trends and lets you take your time in cre­at­ing a scheme and look that al­lows you to also in­ject your own sense of style.

One pe­riod of in­te­rior that is quite pop­u­lar at the mo­ment is Moroc­can.

Us­ing Morocco as your in­flu­ence is all about earthy tones that be­come a base for strong ac­cents of colour and lay­ers of pat­terns and tex­tures.

The rules of match­ing colours, bal­anc­ing pat­terns and fab­rics go right out the win­dow when us­ing this style so you will very rarely see two in­te­ri­ors the same. Per­fect for cre­at­ing that truly unique look.

TILES Moroc­can is not about play­ing it safe and floor and wall tiles make a def­i­nite state­ment. You can use whole ar­eas such as the lounge, kitchen and din­ing in a dra­matic pat­tern that be­comes the feature to build the look around.

We tend to use floor­boards as a broad floor­ing feature which cre­ates sub­tle tex­ture changes, so do­ing a strik­ing tile is all about con­fi­dence. Tiles are used not only for their dra­matic colours but also for their cool­ing qual­i­ties in the sear­ing Moroc­can heat, so they are the per­fect choice in hu­mid trop­i­cal cli­mates.

RUGS There are many choices of rugs with sub­tle pat­terns, dra­matic pat­terns and bold colours. They are not just con­fined to the floor, but are used just as heav­ily for wall decor. Thin rugs can also serve as a bed com­forter. Cer­tain pat­terns have a mean­ing to them for tra­di­tions and cel­e­bra­tions such as the wed­ding rug. Given that most of us spend about one-third of our lives in bed, it makes sense to cre­ate a co­coon of love­li­ness – a stylish and wel­com­ing re­treat.

A good mat­tress is es­sen­tial. The good news is you don’t have to spend a for­tune for qual­ity but you do have to try it. You can “mat­tress test” at a store or you can now buy a mat­tress from one of the newer com­pa­nies that will de­liver to your home and of­fer a free trial pe­riod.

Once you have the qual­ity and com­fort that suits your needs, you need to dress the bed.

My golden rule is, when­ever pos­si­ble, choose nat­u­ral fi­bres, start­ing with a mat­tress pro­tec­tor or mat­tress top­per. Choose 100 per cent cot­ton or feath­ers, or for those with al­ler­gies you may have to con­sider a al­lergy-sen­si­tive mat­tress pro­tec­tor.

Next comes the bed linen. Again, choose nat­u­ral fab­rics, ei­ther 100 per cent cot­ton, linen, bam­boo or silk, or a com­bi­na­tion of any of these pure fab­rics.

If your bud­get al­lows, choose stone-washed, pure French linen as it is not only soft to the touch, the fab­ric is ex­tremely long-last­ing, out­last­ing silk and cot­ton many times over.

For the cooler months, pure wool blan­kets and pure down du­vets may cost a lit­tle more but they too will out-per­form and out­last the syn­thetic op­tions.

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