All I want for Christ­mas is some clar­ity

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DEAR­EST Santa Claus,

I have been a very good boy this year; I have helped sell many homes across the land and shared my sto­ries and tips with the good folk of Aus­tralia.

I’ve eaten all of my greens, al­ways re­fused the sec­ond por­tion of hot chips, some­times take the stairs when a lift is eas­ily avail­able and watched, may not have com­pletely un­der­stood fully, some sport!

In the forth­com­ing year I prom­ise to con­tinue my work of sup­port­ing the real es­tate con­sumer, in­creas­ing my par­tic­i­pa­tion in that so­cial me­dia thing and main­tain­ing my pro­file and de­sir­abil­ity with ladies of a cer­tain age, all with­out a sin­gle com­plaint. I will even en­deav­our to sub­mit my weekly news­pa­per col­umns to my ed­i­tor not quite so many days late each week.

On the ba­sis of what I be­lieve has been my good be­hav­iour this year and gen­uine in­ten­tion to con­tinue in that vein I won­dered if it was at all pos­si­ble to please re­view my ‘gift list’ with a very favourable eye?

And what a jolly twinkly, sparkly lit­tle eye you have Santa Sir!

All I want for Christ­mas is... ONE PROPERTY LAW FOR ALL OUR STATES We may be a big coun­try but we are a tiny pop­u­la­tion. Imag­ine the clar­ity for all buy­ers and sell­ers if one law ap­plied to all.

The lack of con­fu­sion, the sim­plic­ity and the ease with which we could all buy and sell our homes.

So buy­ing an in­vest­ment property or hol­i­day home in­ter­state or buy­ing your first home away from your home state, or just the life­style fam­ily home re­lo­ca­tion all could be such a more plea­sur­able sce­nario. GET RICH QUICK/BE A PROPERTY MIL­LION­AIRE SEM­I­NARS Noth­ing wrong with an in­for­ma­tive, ed­u­ca­tional sem­i­nar, but too of­ten com­pa­nies spring up, ex­perts with rather ques­tion­able claims to suc­cess en­tice us to learn more FREE yet con­tinue to up­sell their ed­u­ca­tional prod­ucts or hous­ing op­tions at quite of­ten great loss to those who suc­cumb.

I would like th­ese events po­liced maybe even have to be li­censed to pro­tect their at­ten­dees. Ev­ery other as­pect of the in­dus­try is, yet this slips through the net and the losses can be large for some. AGENTS AND SELL­ERS TO WORK TO­GETHER Yes it sounds rather ob­vi­ous. How­ever the most com­mon com­plaint from con­sumers is the lack of com­mu­ni­ca­tion from some agents, but then the seller ad­mits they haven’t said any­thing ei­ther!

You guys need to work to­gether for suc­cess. When this oc­curs is when I see the top sale re­sults. SELL­ERS BE RE­AL­IS­TIC Yes it still hap­pens de­spite the ab­so­lute avalanche of data.

Some of you po­ten­tial home sell­ers still be­lieve, de­spite the ob­vi­ous facts, de­spite nu­mer­ous ex­perts’ ad­vice and de­spite the lack of sale you still think some one will be gullible enough to pay con­sid­er­ably more than mar­ket value, I don’t know why – you wouldn’t! So while some­times we can get more than ex­pected, mar­ket con­di­tions have to be ex­actly right, as does your tim­ing and buyer’s mo­ti­va­tion; all of this is a pretty rare com­bi­na­tion. So wait­ing for this oc­cur­rence could be an elon­gated or fu­tile ex­er­cise. PRIC­ING POL­ICY FREE­DOM Stop the price controlling across our mar­kets, al­low mar­ket free­dom not dic­tat­ing pric­ing strat­egy by law and we do that in some states right now!

This is a to­tally un­ac­cept­able con­duct in a free mar­ket place, quote too high as a seller runs the risk of buy­ers ig­nor­ing your home, quote too low and of­fers come rolling in way be­low your ex­pec­ta­tion, but you may be very keen to sell and want to do that, it should be your choice.

As for the state now that has banned not only quot­ing prices but also banned agents from discussing prices with buy­ers for all auc­tion listings; the state in ques­tion should be ashamed of it­self.

If the US and UK and other lead­ing real es­tate mar­kets of the world know this con­trol is mad­ness what’s next, controlling stocks and shares, yes think about it!

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