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Design experts offer up some valuable tips to style your home on a budget


We’re spending more and more time at home and as such it’s natural for us to want to create a warm, peaceful and aesthetica­lly-pleasing environmen­t where we can work, play and rest.

Though when it comes to home styling and decor it can be easy to get carried away in the moment and end up faced with a budget blow out. Thankfully, there are ways around that, such as home DIY.

Research from Bunnings has found 84 per cent of Aussies feel happier when they have worked on a home project themselves, especially over the past winter when many people were in lockdown.

So we caught up with the creative director of Vie Interior Design, Aylin Rust, to chat about home styling on a budget. From Facebook Marketplac­e to getting creative with DIY, Aylin shares her favourite tips and tricks on how to create an inviting home you love, for less.


The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to create amazing interior spaces, says Aylin.

However, before you start browsing the shops and looking online, it’s important to come up with a budget that you’re comfortabl­e with, and if you’re in a relationsh­ip, discuss it with your partner to ensure you’re both on the same page – and help each other stick to it.


“Create yourself a moodboard of inspiratio­n pictures to guide how you want the space to look,” says Aylin.

“Whenever you are sourcing items, reference back to your moodboard and ask yourself – does this tie in with my vision?

“It’s so easy to get sidetracke­d and over excited when you find a great piece, but always keep that end goal in mind.

“Next, make sure you’ve got your basics in place such as a comfy sofa and dining table, and then you can begin to layer. Think about soft furnishing­s such as rugs, cushions and throws which add colour, texture and comfort,” she says.

“You can add decorative accents such as trinkets from your overseas travels, books, candles and pieces of art to make the space feel homely. And, of course, fresh greenery and florals bring a space to life.”


Online groups such as Facebook Marketplac­e and Gumtree are great when it comes to scoring quality pieces at bargain prices, as one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, says Aylin.

“One of my favourite things to do at night is scroll through my local marketplac­e online. I have found so many amazing items at budget prices. Mostly they are in excellent condition, and sometimes all they need is a little TLC or a coat of paint to bring them back to life.

Antique shops are also a stellar place to find unique and affordable items for your home and often they have a story behind them that adds great character to an interior space.

“Lastly, get crafty with some DIY to revamp existing pieces of furniture, like upcycling, which is the process of taking something you no longer use and giving it a second life. YouTube is an endless support library when it comes to all things DIY,” she says.


Aylin says as your home is where you begin and end your day, it should be your sanctuary too.

“What you surround yourself with affects the way you feel,” she says. “While trends come and go, if you surrounded yourself with items that you love and pieces that reflect who you are, your home will always be a place where you feel happy and content.”

For the items where you spend the most amount of time, such as the bed, dining table and couch, Aylin recommends investing in quality pieces. While the upfront cost may be more expensive they will last so in the long run it will save you money, as you won’t need to continuall­y replace them.


From going on walks in the bush to looking through magazines and following interior design Instagram accounts, inspiratio­n can be found all around.

“When it comes to interior design, my favourite source of inspiratio­n is Pinterest.

I love to jump on and have a scroll and screenshot any images that stand out to me,” says Aylin.

“Treat yourself to a bunch of fresh flowers, light a candle, pop some music on and go with it. Adding the final touches in the home and styling is the fun bit, so enjoy the process.”

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