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Why it is time to be alarmed

Investment property owners need to embrace the latest rules.


IF YOU have an investment property in Queensland, then no doubt you’re sick of hearing it by now, but come January 2022, there are new changes to smoke alarm requiremen­ts which will add another task to the list for those looking to sell or rent their properties.

From the current requiremen­t of a smoke alarm in each hallway, the start of next year will see a new requiremen­t for alarms in every bedroom and hallway, and a change to alarm types with interconne­cted alarms becoming the new standard and hard-wired or 10-year battery your only options.

Introduced via new legislatio­n several years ago now, these requiremen­ts have been gradually rolled out, much like pool fencing laws were over a decade ago. First it was new builds and substantia­lly renovated homes, now it’s homes for sale or rent and eventually it will be every household, with no exceptions.

Landlords will have been seeing emails and updates about these requiremen­ts for some time, and most owners have been proactive with making sure everything gets done in time.

Home owners however, might be a bit surprised to find out that when it comes time to sell, it’s a new requiremen­t for them as well.

With alarms available from a smidge under $150 each (installed), it’s not a huge expense, but one you will need to be aware of moving forward (and one that can add up for larger homes). It’s more a matter of timing – with a lot of people in the same boat with needing to get these updated, and tradies rarer than hen’s teeth (when you want them!), it’s a matter of either booking it in early or allowing for that little bit of extra time when you are getting the final touches done.

While it might be a little painful in execution, when it comes to safety, a little prevention is far better than the alternativ­e and there are a number of companies which have sprung up to specifical­ly address the new legislativ­e requiremen­ts.

You can also get in touch with your agent, be it property manager or sales, and they can no doubt help you along to make sure that everything is set and you can rent or sell with confidence.

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