The Weekend Post : 2019-01-12

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NEWS 16 SATURDAY JANUARY 12 2019 CAIRNSPOST.COM.AU They are passionate about social equality, the environment and making the GENERATIONS Alphas: Since 2010. Born into an era of record birth numbers (1996 to 2010) Concerned about fairness, others, mental health and the environment Have not known life without social media Gen Z: Gen Y or Millennials: (1981 to 1996) Constantly connected to devices (but don’t like to talk into them) Excellent multi-taskers (1965 to 1980; Generation X: aged 38-53) Independent, resourceful Expect good work–life balance. Baby Boomers: (1946 to mid-1964; aged 54-72) Hard-working, loyal Demand respect Silent Generation (1928 to 1945; aged 73 to 90) As children they were told to be seen and not heard Grew up in lean times, so consider work and possessions to be privileges, rather than rights Extremely hard-working Strong willpower Have respect for authority Frugal CCPE01Z01MA - V1

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