Pri­or­i­ties, pri­or­i­ties, pri­or­i­ties… please!

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Ap­par­ently there’s go­ing to be a big vote in Aus­tralia about same-sex mar­riage. It’s mas­sive and we all need to be tuned in and have a say.

Oh, and by the way, there might be a war be­tween the west and North Korea.

Yes, yes, yes, but dear oh dear, what are we go­ing to do about so­ci­ety if gay peo­ple suc­ceed or fail in their de­sire to get mar­ried?

What’s that? Anx­i­ety is mount­ing be­tween the Amer­i­cans and North Kore­ans and there’s a chance we could again soon be at war in Asia?

Okay, okay, fair enough. But, as well as same-sex mar­riage, what about all those Aus­tralian politi­cians who keep find­ing out they have some form of dual cit­i­zen­ship? Now that’s a prob­lem.

Ah… um… yes… and North Korea and the United States are declar­ing they are on a war foot­ing for a con­flict that has po­ten­tial to bring on the apoc­a­lypse. ??? This seems to be how we’re as­sess­ing what’s hap­pen­ing in Aus­tralian cur­rent af­fairs at the mo­ment.

Fair dinkum, the ab­sur­dity of our pri­or­i­ties ap­pears to have reached new heights – or should that be lows?

Some of us are find­ing it hard to be­lieve, con­sid­er­ing in­ter­na­tional cir­cum­stances, that we are be­ing con­sumed by de­bates that in a mod­ern Aus­tralia are bor­der­ing on non­sen­si­cal.

We seem to have lost the abil­ity to place things into per­spec­tive.

When it comes to for­mal ac­cep­tance of gay mar­riage in Aus­tralia, all that re­ally mat­ters is mak­ing sure we pro­mote the ideals of equal­ity and meet and pro­tect the hu­man rights of in­di­vid­ual Aus­tralians.

And what about this far­ci­cal de­bate sur­round­ing dual cit­i­zen­ship of our politi­cians?

Okay, rules are rules, but if in re­al­ity the is­sue is lit­tle more than an over­sight in his­tor­i­cal pa­per­work, I’m sure we can find a spare pen and make some changes. In short, can we please move for­ward, prefer­ably with­out spend­ing too much time, money and ef­fort in the process, and start di­rect­ing our at­ten­tion to more press­ing is­sues.

Con­sid­er­ing the grow­ing cri­sis on the Korean penin­sula, na­tional se­cu­rity and work­ing to­wards the safety of Aus­tralians at home and abroad might be a tad more ap­pro­pri­ate.

The econ­omy should also get a look in, es­pe­cially on find­ing ways to en­sure we head off a grow­ing num­ber of work­ing poor.

And what are we go­ing to do about our grow­ing need for en­ergy? And wa­ter? And the ris­ing level of home­less­ness? And…? And…? And…?

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